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New Year and Depression

As the end of the year approaches, we all tend to reflect on what has happened over the course of the year.  I want to go back a little further than that.

In May of 2017, I came out of a several-years-long depression.  I remember it so clearly.  It was like a veil had been lifted and I was seeing the world for the first time.

With this in mind, I looked back at my stats for the last couple of year here on WordPress.

In 2017 there was a good-sized spike in my activity here.  That new enthusiasm to write was due to the “awakening” from my depression.

My Most Viewed post of all time has been one I titled Depression-A-Killer.  That tells me that there is still a HUGE need for enlightenment, awareness and information.  The stigma remains, but I do think that the battle to end it is making progress.

Why do I write about Depression?   EVERY DAY 121 Americans commit suicide.  50% of those people suffered from depression.  Reason enough?  I thought so too. If you need help -The Suicide Prevention Hotline, available 24/7 is 1-800-273-8255  Is talking to someone too much for you?  It was for me at times.  There is a Crisis Text Line.  Text 741741 and you can text with a counselor.

The one thing in my life that I am most thankful for is the end of my depression.  Depression took so much from me, it feels amazing to have my life back.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been and my life is full and rich.  I have many, many blessings.

If you would like to see any of the other pieces I’ve written about Depression, you can find those HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

As you can see this is a subject that is important to me. 🙂 ❤

As we go into a new year, I want to thank all of you that have joined me on this up and down journey.  I hope that each of you are blessed with every happiness your heart could desire.

Please check out my page on Mental Health Help HERE

*Update from 2023

The post above was originally written in 2018. My depression is thankfully in check.  I cherish each day that I am free from that darkness.  At the end of 2021, I did have a period of time where my Depression and Anxiety peaked.  But early into 2022, that had once again abated.  My life is rich, full and so very blessed. 


Penny Wilson is an international writer who writes in several genres. She has written articles for WOW Women on Writing. Her poetry has been published in online journals, such as Ariel Chart, Spill Words Press and the Poppy Road Review. Penny is a member of the Austin Poetry Society. Her poetry has been featured in the publication America's Emerging Poets 2018 & 2019 by Z Publishing and Poets Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine published by Prolific Press. Penny is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and has the page "Mental Health Help" on her blog. She writes about the struggles of mental illnesses and Depression. She is passionate about spreading awareness for Suicide Prevention and Domestic Abuse. She expresses her passion through her writings of poetry and life experiences. You can find more of her writings on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @pennywilson123.

31 thoughts on “New Year and Depression

  1. Depression is a big one for me too. I haven’t really written about it too much yet… more so coping with life in recovery. But I know how that feels. I have some lingering depression that never seems to go away. When the veil lifted, did something happen that helped?


    1. Thank you for commenting. What worked for me was to talk to my doctor. I was honest with her, telling her how I was feeling. The way I feel now was a result of trying different drugs and dosages until we found something that worked. I think that depression is something that will always be something for me to deal with once in a while. For the most part, I feel wonderful. But if I feel that ‘demon’ slinking around the edges, if it lasts very long, I go talk to my doctor.
      If your depression has lingered for very long, please TALK to a doctor about it. It might be hard to do, but just be honest. They are used to dealing with depression. There is nothing you can say that they haven’t heard before. I wish you the very best!! ❤


  2. Penny, as always thank you for writing on the topic of depression. Sharing your story gives hope, helps others see the light AND, yes, helps reduce the stigma. So thankful you are doing well and feeling blessed.


  3. Interesting, I started writing the most in the midst of a deep depression (2020) and the pandemic, and you started writing more coming out of yours. I should read some more of your blog ☺️Happy New Year. ❤️💙❤️

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      1. It’s a really good idea! I just read another blogger’s post about New Year’s Day depression and it made me want to give her your resource page. There are many joy-filled posts today, but also many bloggers dealing with a significant amount of grief as well. Anyways, thank you for the work you are doing in increasing mental health awareness and providing resources to others. Happy New Year!


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