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Suicide Prevention

The World Health Organization has determined that there is a suicide committed worldwide every 40 seconds.  By the year 2020, that number will double to every 20 seconds.  *Source  Depression is the #1 reason behind suicides.  THIS is why … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay Happy Spring to all my WordPress friends and followers!  I know that some of you have had terrible winters.  I hope that this spring brings you mild weather, sunshine and beauty!  

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Spam Humor

Hello, WordPress peeps.  This is another installation of my ongoing series of Humor in Spam.  We all get spam.  Why not have some fun with it?  Below are some of the spam messages that I’ve received in my comments.  They … Continue reading

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#Weeklysmile – Beautiful Day

My dear friend Trent does a Weekly Smile post.  Here’s one for him (and me). Today was an almost perfect early spring day.  There was almost no wind, which is something that I am SO thankful for!  The wind blows … Continue reading

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💗My Friday Message to You All!💗 — Beckie’s Mental Mess

Here’s to wishing you all a Happy Friday & Wonderful weekend! When Saturday arrives without the alarm clock sounding next to your head, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Breathe in the good, and release all the negative. (Lord … Continue reading

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Good News Friday Challenge! #trashtag

This is a Challenge to each of you to come up with Just One POSITIVE news story that you’ve seen or heard recently.  If you don’t watch the news, then share an uplifting, positive quote or post!  I think that … Continue reading

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when the house is finally quiet — Live & Learn

Someone is always home sick: chicken pox, strep throat, another chicken pox, stomach flu…Baby Bliss sits on her hip. It is only later that week, perhaps, when the house is finally quiet, the dishwasher humming in the downstairs dark, her … Continue reading

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