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No Shame

I’ve heard people say things like “Oh, she’s just depressed”.  Just? Most people, unless they’ve been there, have no idea what depression is really all about.  Most people use the word Sad. It’s not really sad.  But yeah, sometimes it is.  It’a hollow, … Continue reading

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If You’re Happy And You Know It

I’m happy.  I don’t really know why, but I feel really good.  My life is going well and I’m just… happy! Maybe it seems strange to you that I would talk about happiness this way, but I am so grateful … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Breath

 Paul over at https://mindfump.com/  has reblogged one of my posts.    Thank you Paul!  Paul has an interesting and entertaining blog.  Please be sure to check him out. If you would like to see my submission on his blog, you can … Continue reading

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This was written by a Blogger that I follow and it’s the best description of depression I’ve seen.  Check it out. Her Blog, Brave and Reckless is worth a look! This is on older piece that was written a week … Continue reading

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