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Whiskey Scars

Whiskey was 
the medication 
used to dull pain 

When the bottle 
didn't provide 

He shared 
his agony 

an attempt to 
dissipate his 

Punishment for those
whose pain was not
the same as his

The spread of agony 
simply resulted in 
unseen scars

Whiskey Scars 

The world
couldn't see 
my sharing
the lie

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson
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Poetry Anthology Finally Goes Live!

I am so delighted to be part of the anthology Treasuring Poetry 3 – Passions!  

THIS is a quick promotional video about the book!  

HERE is where you can purchase a copy of the book!  

Please be sure to check out Kaye’s Post about the release of the book.  She also includes the first 2 readings (videos) done by 2 of the contributing authors and a schedule of the tour. 

Reserve your copy today!

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I Did NOT Kill the Easter Bunny!!

I have the Rabbit’s Foot in the picture above, hanging from the visor in my car.  This Rabbit’s Foot has been passed from car to car over the years.  I’ve had the foot for approximately 30 years.

I’m not superstitious, just sentimental.  Sitting at a red light I’ll see the foot out of the corner of my eye.  I’ll reach up and give it a little pet.  This always makes me smile.  I’m smiling, because it takes me back to the time when I received that silly Rabbit’s Foot.  A very good memory.

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My All

Your hand in mine 
walk beside me  

Your lips on mine 
embrace me.

I must fill my eyes with you and
fill my lungs with the scent of our love

Let's take these moments 
making memories to savor

Now is what matters  
Today is all

are my all

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved

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*National Poetry Writing Month completely snuck up on me.  But here goes, day 1.

The memory of you
is now just a series
of scars

Scars that run deep
never fading

Lessons learned

A reminder of
my strength

Copyright 2023 Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved

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Rogue Memories – #Writephoto

The Dinosaur – Image by KL Caley

The Old Dinosaur of a desk 
calls to me 
when my memories go rogue  

The memories escape 
the cage in my mind 
where I've kept them captive 

Some are bittersweet  
Others, simply bitter   

I give voice to them 
letting them fly 
from my mind to the pen in my hand 

The memories find their way 
to the page 
loose from their enclosure

They glare back at me 
defiant in the freedom 
of their exposure  

I'm helpless and can only witness 
the past laid bare 
for all to see

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson

This is for Kaley's #Writephoto Thursday Prompt
This was inspired by my Friend, Chuck over at 
The Reluctant Poet and his poem,"Memories Gone Rogue"

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Did you hear 
The sound was 

An intense roar 
in my ears

The reverberation 
rattled my bones

And thundered through 
my soul 

Your ego muffled
the sound


I heard it loud 
and clear
The sound of 
my heartbreak 

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson