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#Writephoto – Tower

They say she waited forever.  From the top of the tower you can see the entire valley.  He said he would come back for her.  She believed.  So she waited. Each day, she would climb the steps to the top … Continue reading

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Before My Fingertips Forget

It’s been too long. Once I knew every line, every nuance of you. I knew your touch and the smell of your hair. I knew the way you cocked your head when something I did puzzled you. Or the slight … Continue reading

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Introvert, Dear

It’s live!  My submission to the website, Introvert, Dear is up! You can see the post here. I feel that this is really my First Published piece.  I had something posted on Counseling Directory.org, but that was simply just relating … Continue reading

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Lapse In Judgement

Not forbidden fruit, but a mistake all the same. Such sweet fruit, yet costly pain. Are you a lapse in judgement? If my thoughts linger… Are you a bad decision? Or a taste for my hunger… Copyright (C) 2017 Penny … Continue reading

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Is Your Loved One an Introvert?

* * I know I wrote recently about being an introvert, but I wanted to post this.  I am submitting this piece online and I hope it gets picked up.  I’ve reworked my original piece and I think I’ve got … Continue reading

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Never again. I let you in Like a fool. I forgot the taste Of your poison. I drank it down. My heart in the line Of fire. At this distance I thought, safe. Not so. My heart should Listen to … Continue reading

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A Past Life

I grew up just after the hippie was cool.  I wore bell bottom, hip-hugger jeans, head bands and midriff-bearing tops.  Love beads.  My dad was furious with me because every time he took a photo, I was making the “peace … Continue reading

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