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My heart shattered into a million pieces.  A cliche’, I know.  But let me explain why I describe it this way.  I look at the cracks and count them one by one.  This one taught me this, that one taught … Continue reading

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*Some people come into our lives for a reason, some only for a season. You came into my life in the Spring. A New Beginning as we explored each other. Love bloomed. Summer found us in the heat.  Our love … Continue reading

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A Talk With Mom

Hi Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.  I miss you.  This is a pretty setting.  I’m glad you have a place away from the road. I wish that I could talk to you.  There are so many things I would share with you! … Continue reading

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  I breath you in Eager to capture a part of you A piece of you I want to drink you down Feel you wash over my tongue Warming my insides I long to hold you To remember the taste … Continue reading

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Part of Me

Part of your heart beats in this chest Your sighs fill my lungs Your whispers heard echoed The taste of your lips hold me Awaiting your next touch Entwined Skin upon skin Images remain. You are Part of me. Copyright … Continue reading

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Happy Dandelion — More harmoniously does a heart emote than can a pen or throat – Juliet Rivor

Please enjoy this lovely poem by Juliet Rivor. What an amazing take on one’s life! Continue reading

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Internet Dating Sucks

Internet Dating Sucks.  I don’t care what site you try, they all suck.  Internet dating has done nothing but make the process of dating even worse.  You are now a commodity.  You’re disposable, because the jerk that just “ghosted” you … Continue reading

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