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Tears From Dust

They say that tears come from the heart.  I beg to differ.  You see, there was a place inside me where I held you close.  But through the years, that place became as hollow as your soul.  Instead of compassion, … Continue reading

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Faraway-#writephoto and #OctPoWriMo

I hear your voice faraway; it whispers my name. You sailed into the sunset, but it’s me that’s adrift. My heartbreak tints the clouds a dirty pink. My tears, salty like the sea. I’m chilled as I hear the echo … Continue reading

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Twisted Spell – #OctPoWriMo

She studied lore and craft Her heart’s desire to obtain.   She used bat’s wings and chants And even a little wolfbane.   She locked him in a cage And cast spells on him each night.

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#writephoto – Fall

We met once more at the foot of the falls.  A final goodbye.  You wrapped my soul with yours and held it close.  The falling leaves sang harmony for our last love song.  Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *This is … Continue reading

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Loving you was madness. Delicious madness. I was never more alive! It was wrong and I knew it. I was helpless to stop it. I wouldn’t have stopped it if I could. The insanity was worth it. You were worth it. Copyright (C) … Continue reading

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My Glass house

Looking out through the glass walls, I keep my distance.  You see, the glass lets me observe life without getting my hands dirty. Become a participant?  Oh, no.  Risk the safety of my glass sanctuary?  I couldn’t possibly! I’ve built … Continue reading

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Perfect Stranger

You captivated beguiled. Swept away passion bliss. Promises made. Lies easily told. Awakened to the empty. Searching for the why. Aching. Agonized. Bruised. Seeing her Answers the question. You were the Perfect Stranger. Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

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