Rocket-Hot and Cold

Rocket has been begging me to let him do another blog post.  With him, it’s all about “me, me, me”! Since he types SO slow, and proofing is a nightmare, I compromised and told him that I would write a blog post about him.  This pleased his majesty. 🙂

As you can see, Rocket is ready for football season and for the cooler weather!  On average, the Texas DFW area has 18 days of 100+ degree days.  We’ve had 12, I think, so far this year.

BUT, starting today it’s gonna be “cooler”!  Hooray!  How much cooler, you ask?  Why today it’s only going to be 98 degrees!  Whew!  What a relief!  The next several days will be “cooler” too.  97, 95, 99.  ….yippee.   The Heat index has been around 106, 108 lately, so this really IS better, believe it or not.

Although Rocket’s ancestors are from Chihuahua, Mexico, this little boy likes his Air Conditioning.  🙂

But my little Rocketman also loves the sun!  He has tried for years to even out his tan, but he never seems to get it right.  Because his coloring is mostly black, he gets Very hot.  There are times when I have to make him get out of the sun before he cooks his brain!

In the winter, I am constantly covering Rocket up because he’s cold.  I make sure I always have a blanket or his favorite sweater available. I keep a blanket in the car, I pack a sweater in my bag before going to work, etc.

He will also take over my favorite fluffy robe when I let him.

Even in the summertime, if the A/C is set too cold for Rocket’s liking, he wants a blanket.  I always have a blanket on the couch for him.  So don’t sit on that pile of blankets without seeing if my furbaby might be under it!!

I want you to know that Rocket is NOT spoiled. He is simply well-loved.  ❤

What extra concessions do you make for your pet?  Do you consider your pet spoiled?

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

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I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — newspaper edition — bluebird of bitterness

REBLOG: Treat yourself to Bluebird of Bitterness’s wonderful sense of humor!

via I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — newspaper edition — bluebird of bitterness

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Vox Poetica Publications

The Lovely Poetry site, Vox Poetica, has published 2 of my poems!

One I call Bloodshed Worthy can be seen HERE.  This posted in July!

Another Poem I call A Lie I Tell Myself can be seen HERE.  This one was just posted today.

I hope you enjoy these 2 pieces.

Vox Poetica is a beautiful online magazine.  If you’re not familiar with it, take a few minutes and browse the content.  I am privileged to be alongside other amazingly accomplished poets.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  ❤ Penny

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This Heart’s Key


Tomorrow’s vision
seen plainly

in your 

Open palm

the key

This Heart's 


Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson 
*For Rick

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Making A Difference

If you ever feel small, or unimportant.  If you ever feel that your place in this world doesn’t matter.  It Does Matter.  You Matter.   You touch more lives than you realize.  Your small acts of kindness or compassion, the few moments you take to extend a hand or your heart, can change a person’s life for the better.  YOU, make a difference.

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

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Gentle Heart

A compassionate

a gentle 

ever so softly


into my heart 

with kind words
and tender moments


once again

I dare 
once more 
to envision

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

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10 Ways to Improve Your Blogging Experience

I’ve been blogging off and on for about 5 years.  During that time, I did not take advantage of the amazing community that WordPress has become to me until this past year.  Don’t make the same mistake.  I would like to share some of what I’ve learned with you.  If you would like to expand your readership or enhance your WordPress experience, these points might be helpful.  I do not claim to be any kind of expert.  I just want to share my experience and possibly spare you some of the mistakes I’ve made.

  1. SHARE–The biggest lesson I’ve learned here is to share your knowledge.  It will come back to you 10-fold.   The bloggers on WordPress are incredibly generous with their knowledge.  You should be just as generous.
  2. GIVE CREDIT–Be sure to give credit where credit is due.  If you are copying an idea or using a photo, give credit to that person.  They deserve it for their hard work!
  3. CONNECT–Step out and connect with other bloggers.  As you develop relationships with these people, you will learn from them.
  4. ASK QUESTIONS–If you have questions about blogging or writing, ASK!  If your recipe for bread dough is falling flat and you want help, ASK!  Your fellow bloggers are more than willing to help!
  5. DO THE WORK–Your blog will flourish, depending on the amount of work you are willing to put into it.  This is a mistake I made for a long time.  Not only do you need to write and post here, but get around to other blogs.  Read, comment, follow!
  6. SPREAD THE JOY–If you see a post that makes you laugh, or expands your knowledge, tell that person.  Leave a comment!  Reblog!  It’s important!
  7. USE WORDPRESS–Wordpress has a ton of tutorials.  There are also awesome WordPress blogs that will give you ongoing information if you follow them.  Take advantage of this free information.  WordPress wants to help you!
  8. BE ACTIVE–Be sure to respond to comments.  Visit other’s blogs.  Read, follow and comment.
  9. BE THANKFUL–Be gracious.  Thank those that help you.  Return the favor.  Spread the love!
  10. BE ACTIVE–This was probably the biggest mistake I made.  I do not post on a set-in-stone routine.  I try to post a few times a week.  If you do not post often enough, people will lose interest.

If you are not following the people on the list below, you should be.  This is a PARTIAL list, a sampling, of people that have been here for me, helped me, encouraged me, inspired me and have continued to show their kindness.  Have a look at their blogs and remember to share the love. ❤

Minnesota Prairie Roots

Trent’s World (The Blog)

Books and Bonsai – Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

The Reluctant Poet

Hugh’s Views ans News

Walt’s Writings

Jessica Bakkers

*My original version of this post was done in 2017. I thought it was time to repeat it. I hope you enjoyed.

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

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