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Howdy Doody Folks!! Once a month – the Huge Hug Club is active! Today is that day! you know, we may all be on different continents, different countries, different customs and cultures, but whilst we are here – we are the same. I may not be able to get y’all each and every day –…

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Pockets of Starlight

Wish upon
the heavens

and fill 
your pockets
with starlight

save the glow
for a time
your heart
goes dark

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson
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More Than (revisited)

more than

there is love
and adoration

more than

there is tenderness
and grace

more than

there is heart
and soul

You are

More Than.

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson
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Moth ( Micro poetry) — Megha’s World

REBLOG: If you aren’t familiar with Megha’s blog, you should be!  Enjoy her beautiful words.  ❤

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the shallows — House of Heart

REBLOG: Please enjoy this Beautiful poem from House of Heart. Her blog is Wonderfiul! Enjoy! ❤

I am a lone bird wheeling jagged edges of ancient cliffs above the shallows of a rough Dover sea. My feathers gleam in the beam of the lighthouse where gentle swells pulse against hollow bones that in pale blue dreams you hold tenderly in your palm like a treasured pearl. We have abandoned the lighthouse […]

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The Spark

under my fingertips


The spark
oh, that spark
how I chase you!

You tease me
tempt me

I dream
of the other side
of the page 

virginal world
of my creation

The rush!




Fingers fly
across the keyboard
before the



Copyright © 2019 Penny Wilson
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When Pets Are Sick

I AM one of THOSE people that gush about my pet and bore you with the 200+ pics I have on my phone.  When did this happen to me?  I used to scoff at THOSE people!

Rocket has been my best friend, baby and companion for 6+ years.  I have NO idea how I managed without the love of this creature in my life before he came along.  HE is the reason I got out of bed during my darkest days.  He is always there, excited to see me and filled with love.

He got Very Sick a couple of days ago.  Sicker than I’ve ever seen him.  He was losing fluids at both ends and the danger of dehydration was a real threat.  I called 5 different vets offices to see if I could get someone to look at him, before I found someone with an opening.  I had to sit in the waiting room for a couple of hours until they could work me in.

Rocket and I are both back home.  Him, dozing on the couch next to me.  I’ve got 2 different medications and some special food for him.  The picky eater that he is actually ate some of the food and he’s drinking water.  Both are improvements.  So I’m encouraged.

I think he’s going to be ok.  But a time like this really does make you think about what a HUGE part of your life these Furbabies are.  He IS family.

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