The chill of winter holds tight

Accompanied by the savage wind.

The palled sun gives no warmth.

Does it light your way?

The distant hills bear

No sign of your trek.

My heart clutches thinking

Of the dangers you face.

Are you still there

My Beloved?

I scan the distance

As I always do.

Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

**This is in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt – Distance.  Be sure to check out the fun on her blog HERE.

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Pancake Ice!

And I was whining about the cold HERE!
Check out Roda’s post. GORGEOUS photos!!

Growing Self


We have had crazy, cold temperatures here in West Michigan.  Due to this, Mother Nature has blessed us with the gift of pancake ice. The circular ice is formed from water swirling, picking up frazzle on all sides.  The pancakes bump into one another, causing a raised rim along the outside edges.

Lake Michigan Grand Haven 035.JPG

Pancake ice can range from 12 inches in diameter to 10 feet wide!

Here is a video!  I apologize for the noisy wind!

After spending some time in the channel, I made my way towards the pier…

Lake Michigan Grand Haven 018.JPG

As you can see, I was the only crazy person at the lake shore!

Lake Michigan Grand Haven 021.JPGLake Michigan Grand Haven 023.JPG

I came to the edge of the pier, which was solid ice.  With no guard rail and extremely high winds,  I changed lenses for it would not be safe to continue.

Lake Michigan Grand Haven 028.JPGLake Michigan Grand Haven 041.JPG

I thought I would explore the beach area, for a different view…

Lake Michigan Grand Haven 058.JPG

By now, I was…

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Part of the Creation-One Liner Wednesday

**This is in response to Linda’s prompt HERE for her One Liner Wednesday!

My new WordPress friend Megha has a Very Lovely Blog which can be found HERE.  She made a comment on her blog recently in response to Why She Writes.  I found this comment to be Wonderful!!  Her comment was:

“With writing, you are creator and part of your creation at the same time.”

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson


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Sometimes the Night Calls

I can tell by the way the wind is blowing that something is on the way.

I’m drawn to the window.  Pulling aside the curtain, the room is bathed in soft moonlight.  I open the window to the cool summer night.  The wind takes my breath as it caresses my face.  There is a scent of something unknown in the air.

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“Friend”-A Pitiful Word

You’ve been there when no one else would bother.  You know me better than any other soul on Earth.

You’ve always supported my decisions and you’ve saved me from myself, just in the nick of time; more than once.   You’ve shared in my triumphs and successes and you’ve grieved with me during my losses.

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Not a Cinderella Story

**This is an amazing, powerful piece of poetry from Megha.  Please be sure to visit her blog for more of her wonderful talent!  Enjoy!

This is not a cindrella story Neither do I want it to be For I do not need to be saved By a Knight in the shining armour Whose valour has never been tested I do not want to be rescued From the realities of the world Only to be teleported to a fairytale land […]

via Not a Cindrella Story — Musings Undwindled

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Leaving Others Behind

**This post from Beckie’s blog is quite profound and wise.  Be sure to take a minute to visit her blog and enjoy some of her beautiful writing.

The pain of leaving those you grow to love is only the prelude to understanding yourself and others. ~Shirley MacLaine~ Life is a process of letting go, letting go of conditions we can’t control, letting go of people – watching them move out of our lives, letting go of times, places, experiences. Leaving behind anyone or […]

via January 12, 2018: Quote of The Day — Beckie’s Mental Mess

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