Feeling Flu-ish

I’ve been feeling flu-ish for several days.  That’s why you haven’t seen many posts from me lately.  I’m sure it’s nothing serious.  I’ll be back in good form soon!

Stay strong my friends and thank you for joining me on this journey! Penny ❤

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The Damage Is Done – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet — Walt’s Writings

Please enjoy Walt’s poem and be sure to pop into his blog and spend some time visiting this romantic’s lovely work.  Enjoy!

Years of running Years of drumming Mile after mile Endless drum solos Late nights Early mornings Two packs a day For too many years Junk food COPD Scoliosis Hearing loss 15 surgeries I did it to myself Scars Showing that I’ve lived But the damage is done ~The Tennessee Poet~ ©Walt Page 2018 All Rights […]

via The Damage Is Done – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet — Walt’s Writings

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False Memory

Please enjoy one of my favorite Paul Lenzi’s poems.  Still a harsh reality for me to think of his passing.

via False Memory

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That Kiss

The memory

of that kiss

still rocks me


Do you ever

think about it?


That kiss

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Under Pressure

Does anyone else feel as though they are being pressured with the approaching Holiday Season?  Yesterday on the radio, someone said that Thanksgiving was just a little over 2 weeks away.  I felt a surge of panic inside me!

How the hell did this happen?  🙂

I’m the type of person that will Christmas shop all year long.  If I think that something might make a good gift for a loved one, I will often purchase whatever it is and stash it away for that Birthday or other life event that comes along.

So I went into my Stash to take inventory and I’ve done pretty well this year.  That made me breathe a little sigh of relief!

The holidays put SO much pressure on us!  I don’t care what you say, it’s still pressure.   There’s the pressure to buy, spend and consume.  There is the pressure to cook, gorge and indulge.  You’re pressured to decorate. “You mean, you don’t put up a Christmas Tree?”  Then there is the pressure to socialize or to host the party or gathering.  So there seems to be no escaping the pressure.

So as the insanity begins this season, remember to take a moment and breath.  Say a little prayer and remember what you are thankful for.   Let’s also remember why we celebrate and what the true meaning of the celebration is all about.

Stay Strong my friends.  🙂

(C) 2018 Penny Wilson



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I’m shaking

Is it thunder

or the pounding

of my pulse

I’m consumed by the

fervor of your kiss

The landscape darkens

Your eyes flash


Senses, tangled

Limbs, tangled

The storm rages

© 2018 Penny Wilson



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Denial (2)

Who else

Would pull me to my feet?


Who else

Could understand

The depths of my despair?


When all was


You shed a light

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