I Fall For Fall

I am one to say “I don’t like Fall”.  The trees lose their leaves.  It looks like they are dying.   Then there is the approach of winter.  The cold, the snow, brrrrr!

I spent most of my life in the Northwest.  The cold and the snow were nothing to laugh about in most cases.

Now I live in Texas.  It’s a whole different world.  My BFF in Oregon has already had snow and below freezing temps.  Here, I still have to run the A/C in the afternoon.

Sooner or later the fall “feel” comes over me and I’m into it!  Look at the gorgeous colors of the gourds & pumpkins in the picture above!

I’m ready to put another blanket on the bed.  I want to break out my cozy sweaters & scarves!

I haven’t had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte this year, but I have a Starbucks Gift Card in my wallet that I’m not afraid to use!

Are you ready for Fall?

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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If I Let You In…

If I let you in, would you guard the door?

If I held you tight, would you hold my heart?

If I bared my soul, would you keep it’s secrets?

If I held your hand, would you hold mine?

If I  let you in…

Would you walk beside me?

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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Walt’s Medical Expenses

I know you’ve seen this before.  Please do what you can.  Help spread the word.  Thanks!

I’m reposting this today, since my first medical bills have started to arrive. It’s been 3 weeks since my surgery and bills so far amount to over $700. We’ve only raised $150 and we are grateful for that. My wife Susan has been on family medical leave without pay, so we have no income for […]

via Update On My Medical Expenses — Walt’s Writings

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#writephoto – Spur

The spur lay in the dust.  A shadow cast a long imitation on the floor.  It was hot in the attic and the air was thick.  Grandma passed away 2 years ago.  Grandpa passed this last spring.  The family decided that the house should be put up for sale.

I was not part of that decision.

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Procrastination – WOW! Women on Writing Publication

I wrote a little piece some time back about Procrastination and distractions.  I submitted it to WOW! Women on Writing .com and they published it!

It’s pretty easy to let little things distract us or to procrastinate when it comes to writing.  If you would like to see this piece, you can find it here.

Happy Friday all!

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Play it Again


**I came across this in my archives from 2014 while I was digging around for something and thought, “Damn! I LIKE that!”  🙂 I thought you might like to have a look at it today, just in case you missed it way back then.  I hope you enjoy this piece.  

Look at you, sitting there.  Blinking.  You’re daring me to defile your crisp, white page, aren’t you?

Look at your one straight line, mocking me.  You look back at me in defiance.  I hear you!  Your taunts.

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Blogger Recognition Award!

Robbie over at Robbie’s Inspiration nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!  I am so honored by this!  Robbie has been so kind and an unending source of encouragement to me.  You really MUST check out her blog.  It’s Delicious!  🙂  Her blog ranges from beautiful poetry, to short stories to sweet recipes!  There is sure to be something there for you!

I didn’t see any rules with this nomination so I am just going to follow Robbie’s format for this post.

I initially started blogging simply as a way to express myself.  My blog is still that outlet for me, but it has become so much more.  It’s a community of which I am a member.  I look forward to seeing my friends here and share a little bit of their lives with them.  I am welcomed here with open arms.  Through my blog, I have grown as a person with each new post.  My fellow bloggers follow along on my journey as I try, fail, sometimes succeed and sometimes stumble.  They are here to offer support at every turn in the path.  I am blessed and thankful for each and every one of them.

My 2 tips for new bloggers are:

  1. Expand your horizons here.  Reach out to other bloggers.  Read, comment, reblog, Be Involved!  It will come back to you 10-fold!
  2. Stay active with your blog.  Don’t let it go stale.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the

Blogger Recognition Award:

Eyes Plus Words

Two on a Rant

Charmed Chaos

Linda Mims 

The Hob-Bee Hive


*If you cannot or do not wish to participate in Awards, that’s fine.  Just know that this is a way for me to tell you that you are appreciated!

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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