Blogger Recognition Award!

Robbie over at Robbie’s Inspiration nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!  I am so honored by this!  Robbie has been so kind and an unending source of encouragement to me.  You really MUST check out her blog.  It’s Delicious!  🙂  Her blog ranges from beautiful poetry, to short stories to sweet recipes!  There is sure to be something there for you!

I didn’t see any rules with this nomination so I am just going to follow Robbie’s format for this post.

I initially started blogging simply as a way to express myself.  My blog is still that outlet for me, but it has become so much more.  It’s a community of which I am a member.  I look forward to seeing my friends here and share a little bit of their lives with them.  I am welcomed here with open arms.  Through my blog, I have grown as a person with each new post.  My fellow bloggers follow along on my journey as I try, fail, sometimes succeed and sometimes stumble.  They are here to offer support at every turn in the path.  I am blessed and thankful for each and every one of them.

My 2 tips for new bloggers are:

  1. Expand your horizons here.  Reach out to other bloggers.  Read, comment, reblog, Be Involved!  It will come back to you 10-fold!
  2. Stay active with your blog.  Don’t let it go stale.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the

Blogger Recognition Award:

Eyes Plus Words

Two on a Rant

Charmed Chaos

Linda Mims 

The Hob-Bee Hive


*If you cannot or do not wish to participate in Awards, that’s fine.  Just know that this is a way for me to tell you that you are appreciated!

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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#Writephoto – Tower

They say she waited forever.  From the top of the tower you can see the entire valley.  He said he would come back for her.  She believed.  So she waited.

Each day, she would climb the steps to the top of the tower.  They told her she was mad.  But she believed.  So she waited.

Back then, you could see her in the top window, searching, searching, for her beloved.   It was rumored that he died in battle.  She would have none of their lies.  She was told he would be back.  She believed.  So she waited.

The tower is empty now.  But on cold clear nights, if you sit quietly at the base of the tower and listen; sometimes you can hear her weeping.  She believed.  So she waited.

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson


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I Don’t Suck! Who Knew?!!

Writing has become a passion in my life. I didn’t take my writing seriously until a few years ago. They say the more you write, the better you get. So, with a deep breath and fingers crossed, I’ve submitted a few things out into the world.

Writing is an incredibly personal thing. Thoughts, ideas, hopes & wishes come directly from your heart, mind and soul and end up on a page. Part of us is in every key stroke.

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Be My Guest-Walt’s Writings

Today I would like to welcome Walt, from Walt’s Writings.  If you are not following this man’s blog, you are really missing out.  He’s incredibly talented.  Please enjoy Walt’s story here and be sure to stop in at Walt’s Writings and give his blog a look.  You will not be disappointed!

What Am I Doing Out On This Limb?

What an odd dream I had last night. For some reason I was alone, standing on a tree limb high above the ground. “How did I get here?”, I asked a little chipmunk just ahead of me, his cheeks puffed out from the acorns he held inside.

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Dollars and Senseless

This is a very interesting look at how our health care system works. Well worth the read.

Behind the White Coat


People in the US are used to this sort of thing but I wanted give everyone a peek into the way healthcare is billed:

The price charged to insurance for OR use and three days of babysitting for a ruptured appendix was $42,500. No ICU. This does not include the surgeon’s fee or the anesthesiologist’s bill or the pathologist’s examinationof the removed offending organ.

The amount actually paid by insurance was $8,950 with an additional $680 of patient responsibility (what the patient has to pay).

The other over $30,000 was “adjustment”, money that will never be paid by anyone.

The games we play.

After the birth of my child, I received a bill from the hospital for my care… over $2,000. There were also bills for the OB, anesthesia, pediatrician, the NICU stay, etc.

I expected the bills to be high. My baby was worth any price but I still…

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Don’t Be Shy! Be My Guest!

Would you like to expand your readership?  Need to exercise your Writing Muscle? Would you like to be a Guest Blogger on my blog?  if so, please fill out the form on the Contact Page and I will email you back with more details.

I have been posting my Guest’s posts on the weekends and I would like to continue in this manner.  I’ve got a Wonderful Guest already lined up for this coming weekend, but looking ahead, I have openings for other Guests!

If you would like to see some of the past Guest’s posts and what yours would look like, you can find those here and here.

Don’t be shy, Contact Me!

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A Surprise For Me Too!

I’m just the medium to get the story on the page.

That’s truly what it feels like sometimes. This is the Best kind of writing. Sometimes the words just flow from my head to the page. What ends up on the page is as much a surprise to me as it is to you! The end result is a rush. A high. My drug of choice.

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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