New Page For Depression/Mental Health Help

I have a NEW PAGE on my blog!  If you look at the Tabs at the top of my Blog Home Page, you will see that I’ve added one called Depression & Mental Health Help.  Here, I’ve compiled a list of phone numbers and links to websites where anyone that needs help can get it.  I will add to this when I have new information.

I’ve also copied & pasted the different articles and pieces that I have personally written on this subject.

Those of you that have followed me for any length of time know that education and awareness of these subjects are very important to me.

If you have a phone number, link or information that you would like to see added to the page, please use the Contact Form, shoot me an email and I’ll see about adding it!

I’ve JUST had this page go Live today.  I’ve tried to make sure that all of the links work, but if you come across something that doesn’t work, please let me know.

Also, to those of you that have hung in there with me through my various highs and lows, THANK YOU!!  I’ve been on the down-low for a while, but do believe that I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, Thank You for joining me on this journey.  ❤ Penny



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The Garden — The Stories In Between

REBLOG: Please don’t miss this incredible piece of poetry!

Dangling on the wrong side of yesterday Searching for what I never had, within what’s left Waiting for meaning in sun-bleached tomorrows That never come I wait, fading into times of solitude, obscurity Trembling hands penetrate the earth Digging a place for these hollow seeds Sowing the indifference of days past And those yet to […]

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Mental Illness Really Sucks — The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog

REBLOG: An honest look at depression.

You wouldn’t believe this, but mental illness sucks. I spend a lot of days just stuck. I lack motivation or a positive outlook or even the will to shower. People telling me that things will get better do not help. I mean, things will get better for them… And I only have depression. What I’ve read…

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Bound — Afterwards

REBLOG: Don’t miss Michael’s beautiful poem!

Just one of these things.

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Quiet Rage

Penny Wilson Writes

A quiet rage, felt 
as each word 
bled upon the page.
The keys succumbed, 
as she pounded out the passion 
of her emotions.
The white page, 
dirtied with ink, 
poured from her veins;
her fervor, 
a torrential flood.  

Each falsehood, 
each deception, 
released amid the black letters 
carried along behind the cursor.  

The innocence.  

a clean view of the world, 
heaved up like a sick dog.  

That pure vision, 
flung carelessly aside.  

She wrote for the 
of it 
being torn from her.

The keyboard let her
and cry
and curse.

Ignoring the 
civilities of 

The filth 
her heart now consumed, 
left her feeling vile, 
empty and diseased.  

The words, 
an outlet, 
for the injustices 
of her past.

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

*The words “quiet rage” came to me and would not let go of me until I did something with them.  

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The Glade (revised)

The crisp air tells of summer’s leaving.  But Mother Nature’s greenery ignores the chill. I stroll through the glade, letting my fingers brush the soft fronds.  The sunlight plays hide and seek among the trees, dappling the ground.  The songbirds sing a tune that makes me smile.

Although cold, I’m exhilarated too.  The day holds promise.

I breathe deeply; the scent of the earth and the trees around me.  I relish the air as it fills my lungs.  It’s been too long…

My footfalls are hushed on the forest floor.  The glade holds secrets in its quiet embrace.

The sunlight falls on a stream bubbling with life. The sound it makes is like laughter as it winds through the trees.  I step carefully across, using the wet stones that push their way up from the water.  The water splashes across my feet sending a shiver through me.

As I jump to the other side of the stream, I see a flash of movement in the distance.  I catch my breath.  My excitement mounts.  The forest is very dense here and my progress is slow.  I push through the underbrush; the branches scratch my arms.  I pay no heed.  I do not feel the scratches.  What lies before me has me transfixed.  All else is forgotten.

There, in a small clearing in the glade lay the female unicorn; her small offspring just nuzzling up beside her.  The tiny horn in the middle of the foal’s forehead shone as if lit from within.

I dare not breathe.  I’m afraid to move.   If the mother sensed anything out of place the two glorious beings would vanish from sight as if never having been there.

Suddenly, the mother’s head comes upright.  She’s on alert.  She’s got my scent.

With a small sound, like a child’s breath, the two of them disappear.

I knew my luck wouldn’t hold.  It was too good to be true.  To have seen a unicorn at all was amazing.  But what I witnessed today was nothing short of a miracle.

I turn back the way I had come.  My shoulders drooped, my head down.  The walk back was unremarkable.  The enchantment had gone from the day.

It was all too much, just too much.  They humored me about the pixies.  I know that’s all it was.  Just to humor me.  They would never believe this.

I cleared the glade and broke through the hedge that led to the back entrance.  I couldn’t hide my soaked pants and a little bit of blood on my upper arms.  I sighed and resigned myself to what I knew was coming.

As I pushed through the back door Nurse Clara bolted up from her seat behind the nurse’s station and came stomping toward me with that look on her face.  That look that said I was going to spend the rest of the day fighting the straps that pin me to my bed.

Copyright © 2017 Penny Wilson

*I read on another SC Richmond’s blog, that it’s National Unicorn Day!  So although this post is a reblog of an older and reworked story of mine, I was inspired by SC’s post.  I hope you enjoyed.  Be sure to visit SC’s lovely blog and spend some time there. You will not be disappointed! 




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Promoting The Blogging Bloggers? — A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

REBLOG: Be sure to check out Rory’s thoughtful post, promoting other bloggers!

Promoting The Blogging Bloggers?

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