I’m still out of town and will be out of the loop for some time. Be kind to each other and thank you for joining me on this journey. ❤ Penny

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On the Road

North Umpqua River

Hello, my WordPress peeps!  I’m headed out of town and will be gone for about a week.  I will soon be in my Beloved Oregon.  The area that I will be staying in has very spotty, if any internet connectivity. Even my cell phone is iffy sometimes.  So I will be absent during this time.

I will get to spend some time with my BFF, which is wonderful!

You all be good to each other.  Thank you for joining me on this journey! ❤ Penny

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I spent too many years ignoring that voice inside me.  How about you?  Will you listen?

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9/11 May We Never Forget

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Those of you that have followed my blog for very long knows that Suicide Prevention and Mental Health issues are near and dear to my heart.  The battle to overcome the stigma of these issues is a continual one.

If you are struggling or if you know someone that is, please look over my page on Depression and Mental Health Help which can be found HERE.

On this page, you will find many links to helpful sites, hotline phone numbers and other sources of information.  You will also find several of my posts on Mental Health subjects.

If you know of a website, phone number or other resource that you feel would be beneficial to people, but I don’t have it listed, please contact me either in the comment section or by use of my Contact Page.  I will see that the information gets added to the page.

Thanks, as always, to those who choose to join me on my journey.  ❤  Penny



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In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you. Mortimer J. Adler

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The Shell

There was a crack in the shell 
that I had built 
around myself 

It's a funny thing 
about shells

They not only keep 
the bad things out,  
they also keep 
the good things out

I could no longer 
stand on my own 

So I fell to my knees

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

Image by mleonascimento0 from Pixabay 
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