To Break the Fall

I've got love songs
on repeat

and write love 
letters in the dark

I search the 
shadows for your light

with my chest 

None of my 
usual tricks

I'll do
anything to 
stop this decline

Anything to
break the fall

Copyright (C) 2021 Penny Wilson

Photo found on Pixabay

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Bare- #passionate #love #poetry- #PoetryandMusic — Booknvolume

The Domino Effect of the Texas Winter Storm

I'm sure that by now most of you have heard about the crisis that 
Texas has gone through recently. I have been incredibly blessed 
during this terrible time. My power was only out for a few hours 
and I was without internet for a couple of days. But overall, I 
have been safe and warm. I have plenty of clean drinking water. 
This has not been the case for millions of people within the state.

First, we were hit with snow and temperatures unlike anything we
are normally used to. The state got between 2 and 11 inches of 
snow. With snow on the ground, temperatures plunged to well below 
freezing. This terrible cold then started a domino effect of 
disastrous events. 

The Texas power grid, unprepared for the extreme temperatures, 
had 40% of their operation go down. This caused power outages 
statewide. No power meant no heat. No heat, meant freezing pipes. 
For those heating with natural gas, some of the gas lines froze 
making this no longer an option for heat.    

Without heat and water, for days in many cases, people started 
seeking shelter elsewhere to stay warm. With no power for an 
extended period of time, the water treatment plants froze up. 
Clean drinking water became unavailable in many areas. People 
were told to boil their water before consuming it. For those 
trying to tough it out in their homes without power, this was 
impossible to do. If their pipes were not already frozen,then 
they had no electricity to boil water if they had any.  

The water situation became more and more dire. With water 
treatment plants trying to maintain the flow, service was 
interrupted at irregular intervals. This disruption caused low 
water pressure in places that did have water. Places like nursing 
homes, didn't have enough water pressure to function. 

People went to extreme lengths to try to stay warm. Using these 
unsafe methods caused deaths and house fires. In one instance, 
due to the extreme low temperatures the indoor sprinkler system 
didn't work and the house burned down. In many cases, the water 
pressure was too low for the firemen to use existing fire hydrants. 
They had to have the water trucked in to fight the blaze.

Once the temperatures finally started to rise, the anticipated 
blessing of pipes thawing out, turned into yet another tragedy. 
Pipes burst, flooding peoples homes. 

And the hits just keep on coming.

The COVID vaccine centers were shut down, bringing the planned 
vaccinations to a halt.  

The freezing, thawing and refreezing of the roads made driving 
too dangerous to drive. The supply trucks for grocery stores 
and gas stations couldn't make deliveries. People that ventured
out to find supplies were met with empty store shelves and closed
gas stations. 

The storm hit Texas on February 13th. The last I knew, there 
are still more than 100,000 people without power and 46 deaths.
Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their 
homes. Many people are still without water.  

If you would like to help the needy in Texas, please give to 
The Salvation Army or the Texas food banks and contribute 
to them. The homeless and low income people have suffered the most. 
Please keep these people in your prayers. 

Again, I have been incredibly blessed. I have had no real 
hardships. The above is just a summary of the events here. 
There are countless tragic stories from individuals here.

Count your blessings, my friends. 

Copyright (C) 2021 Penny Wilson             



Cold As Ice

I know I’ve been quiet lately.  If you’ve watched the national news at all recently, you may have seen that Texas is having a record breaking winter this year.  Record cold since Sunday.  Major power outages all over the state.  Frozen water pipes.  Busted water pipes.  People having to boil water, IF they have electricity.

It was -3 degrees here yesterday morning.  A balmy 17 this morning!

Some of these poor people are doing whatever they can to stay warm without electricity.  There have been carbon monoxide poisonings because people are using heating methods that are not safe.

It’s crazy-scary.

I have been fortunate.  I’ve lost power briefly a few times.  I’ve had almost no internet service.  But I am safe and warm.

I will post this, while I can!

Stay safe out there, my friends!

Copyright (C) 2021 Penny Wilson