Memories fade.

As do the


Today marks yet

another sunrise

without you.

Most would say

the pain has


Most would be right.

Not today.


I still




Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson




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The Up Side of Feeling Down

As my last couple of posts have reflected, I’ve been feeling down, bummed out, blue, whatever you want to call it.  My spirits are better.  I think I’m over the worst and am finally coming out the other side.

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It surrounds me

holds me.  

It comforts.

It’s familiar.  

It knows me,



kept at bay.  

This is



Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

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Demon’s Descent


I feel the descent.  I’m teetering on the edge of the abyss.  Falling.  Yet, grasping the rim.  Holding on to the light.

I feel as if I’ve been kicked in the chest.  The pain is palatable.  Heavy, so very heavy.  Head in hands.  Sleep, blessed sleep.  Dream away the darkness that steals the light and penetrates the soul.

The demons.  They steal into my room to close the blinds and bolt the doors; hiding me from reality.  They whisk me away into the night to feed on my will; my strength.  Just out of reach is the sunlight that warms me.

Do I have the strength this time?

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

*Don’t worry my friends, I’m fine, just in a foul mood.  


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What Remains?

Heaven in your arms.

Utopia in those eyes.

Days in paradise,

Nights in bliss.

My soul,

a small price to pay.

What remains?


Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

*This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday writing prompt, #writephoto.  You can find out all about the fun HERE

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My posting here has been sporadic lately.  I’ve written a few good pieces and think that my writing continues to improve.  But there are certainly days when inspiration is lacking.

Writing, for the most part, has simply been me sitting at the keyboard attempting to express something I’m feeling.  OR, my process for writing can be inspired by almost anything; a word, a phrase, a memory.  Very often, the inspiration is music.  I never know what will strike me.  I’m going to share a few things with you that have inspired me.

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The Opposite of depressed. . .

A real look at what it means to NOT be depressed, written by Christine at Brave & Reckless.

Brave & Reckless

The Opposite of depressed

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