Falling Star


Resplendent and 

Wings spread 

among the celestial   

Caught up 
in a world 

Too fast

Quickly falling 
from grace  
from the heavens 

In a rush 
to grow 
to experience

This falling Star

Flaming briefly 
only to die out 

all too soon

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson


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Ladybird — Afterwards

REBLOG: Don’t miss Michael’s Beautiful poem!! ❤

Cold I sit, consoling words still tossed upon the wind, Your fires burn bright where embers once were piled….

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By Your Side — Heartstring Eulogies

REBLOG: Don’t mis this beautiful piece from Heart String Eulogies. ❤

“And maybe I’ll remember the good moments. The ones spent by your side.” And maybe, after all is said and done, I’ll finally reach the end. The end of this war. This lifetime of fighting for my own right to breathe. To push forward, no matter how hopeless my circumstances. And maybe, the day will […]

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Forgotten #writephoto

The forgotten door to yesterday. The backroads and wrong turns of your youth. The place where magic was always a possibility and summers stretched forever.  Behind this door lies a realm of fantasy, riches unclaimed, and misplaced dreams.  The key is just under that stone to the left, hidden in a niche.

Would you use the key?  

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

*This is in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Thursday prompt. If you would like to get in on the fun, you can find out more about it HERE.

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Anyone Can Write — But You Don’t Have To — Novelty Revisions

REBLOG:  Please don’t miss Meg’s terrific piece on writing, or NOT writing.  Be sure to spend a little time exploring her blog.  She has a Wealth of knowledge!! Enjoy! 🙂

You don’t HAVE to. Really.

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😂 🤣 Silly Saturday Starter — Beckie’s Mental Mess

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Good Day to All of YOU! Happy Saturday! I figured it would be a good idea to start the weekend off by putting a smile on your faces. Heck, we could all use a little laughter and lightheartedness in our lives, am I right? Of course, I am. 😂 🤣 This one is for […]

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Writing Again

Writers seem to be either stressing over the “dry spell” they are in or stressing over what they write!

I’ve been in a funk for a while but do believe that the light is finally shining! I’m writing more lately.  A lot more.  It feels pretty darned good, I’ll tell you.

I visited my doctor a couple of months ago and she put me on some new medication.  I’m sure this has had a part in my feeling better.  But I think it’s more than just the medication.

I’m taking better care of myself these days and this is probably one of the major reasons for my lift in mood.  I’m eating better than I have in my whole life, most likely.  I’m exercising 5 or 6 days a week.

I’m seeing Huge Benefits from making better choices, in what seems like a very short period of time.  Not only am I feeling better, but I’m also losing weight that I’ve needed to lose for a Long time. I have more energy. I’m getting more done and I WANT to do more.  I’m sleeping better, even though I’m sleeping less!  I go to bed tired.  But it’s a Good Tired; from exertion.  I haven’t needed or used a sleep aid (melatonin) in a month!

I’m spending more time doing the things that I WANT and need to do.  Like working on my house, working out in the yard, etc.

And I’m writing again!

Happy Friday, all and as always, thank you for joining me on this journey. ❤ Penny

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