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Scars Cherished

The wind whispers your name Yesterday haunting me like a melody in my head repeating repeating Sweet and bitter Scars of yesterday Scars cherished (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

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Today Was Enough

  The turntable sang of freedom and exploration Summer skies were flavored with Strawberry Hill A prelude to easy nights and Purple Haze  Never thinking of tomorrow  Today was enough  (C) 2019 Penny Wilson Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay    Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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Memories of Another Time

My fingertips find their way Pulling my heart beyond the keyboard  Across the years through the memories The visions behind my eyelids Another time expressed A smear on crisp white pages (C) Copyright 2019 Penny Wilson Image by jan mesaros from Pixabay 

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You Are

You are the catch in my breath as I whisper your name  You are the stars in my musings the longing in my nights You are the dreams of my heart You are the smile and the joyous laughter on … Continue reading

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Favorites Friday-Walt’s Writings

Welcome to Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I will share with you a little about one of my favorite blogs/blogger.  This week I would like to tell you about Walt Page. Walt’s blog, is filled with beautiful poetry and other writings … Continue reading

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Heart’s Desire

I justify what my heart desires The anticipation an aphrodisiac Your scent intoxicating Drunk with yearning You tempt me again and again Not forbidden but remorse pangs me As your sweetness passes my lips Angel and demon Chocolate You have … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

The poetry rhymes  or doesn’t  The flowery angry or heartbreaking words are released upon the page Stories tug at heartstrings  Flooding emotions scream and cry  The darkness within or without finds its way through my fingertips  What appears upon the … Continue reading

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