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Loving You

The thought of being without you The ache more than emotional Like a kick in the chest I didn’t think it would ever happen again But it has *(C)2019 Penny Wilson  

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Apart, Together

I wish on the same stars. Tonight. Every night. We are apart, together.  We two.  The ache, palitable. I reach inside my chest touch it, caress it. Do my best to soothe it. We are apart, together. We two. Copyright … Continue reading

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The Thirst Remains

I’m the junkie twitching for his next fix  I’m the drunkard looking for his next drink  I’m the infant crying for his mother’s breast The need in me to give life to my thoughts is undeniable  My fingers are drawn … Continue reading

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#writephoto Copper

Pennies and rust and sunsets.  Copper. The colors of the season. The earth turns it’s back on the sun and begins the process of a winter’s nap.  Leaves crunch underfoot, announcing your presence on the trail.  A brisk chill pushes … Continue reading

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Under the Stars

The twinkling stars shine down on you. Do you have a favorite you wish upon too? Mine is that little one, I think it might be flawed. It’s the one I watch when I talk to God. My wish for … Continue reading

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Wishing For Time to Stand Still

You stole quietly, gently into my life. And captured my heart without fanfare or trumpets. Your love is graceful and eloquent. Your heart is that of a lion with the elegance of a tender kiss.  You’ve taken my heart, and … Continue reading

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The Little Things

My fingers trace the familiar.  The stillness of the house The quiet of my heart  Tenderness in your eyes.  The blessings of this life The comforts we take for granted.  Slipping into those crisp white sheets  The scent of the … Continue reading

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