Rusty Knight

She had been so cold and alone, those days in the dark.
There was a sadness on her soul and also in her heart.

She looked to the stars, the moon and the sun.
Warmth had turned it’s back, she thought she was done.

A Knight appeared before her and reached out to take her hand.
He was unlike any other in this unforgiving land.

His eyes shone bright, through the armor of rust.
He was covered with honor, love and trust.

The armored arms enveloped her; strong but soft and warm.
She was safe, she was safe, she would come to no harm.

She looked up into the eyes of the Rusty Knight’s eyes of green.
Her soul was being cared for, like it had never been.

He said “Take my hand M’lady, for treasures are lain before you.”
“Treasures more precious than diamonds.  Your soul to be born anew.”

“Your soul in my care will be loved adored and cherished.
Let no dragon cross my path or it is he who will perish.”

She laid her heart at his feet and trembling, took his hand.
Her future was in his eyes, her past now a wasteland.

Originally posted in 2014, but still a favorite.  I hope you will 
indulge me repeating it. Please enjoy. 

Copyright (C) 2014 Penny Wilson 

The heart of who I am — Her Writing Haven

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Another day dimsbut the light of your loveradiates brighter than ever.In this worn out, weary worldyou’re the one constant,the heart of who I am.You’re my shimmering star,the everlasting onewhom I continue to follow.Even when darknessovertakes me,nobody, not onecan change my mind.For you live within me,you’re the breath of my soul,the very reason I shine.I love […]

The heart of who I am — Her Writing Haven

Trail of Coins

Your promise 
like a trail of coins  

I am helpless 
but to follow 
my heart, 
to lock them 
in a jar

Covet them 

I once thought 
your luster 

My texture of dreams
a manifestation 
of a wish

Copyright (C) 2020 Penny Wilson

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

This Moment

the stars provide
an endless canopy

a soft breeze 
through the fragrant grasses

cooling our fervor

your shoulder 
is my pillow 

your heartbeat 
my lullaby

we disclose our future 
to the moon 
and he shares his light with us

we slumber 
wrapped in an embrace

will bring the sunrise 
and with it 
a new beginning

but tonight 
we have this moment

Copyright (C) 2020 Penny Wilson