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Not Since You

Have I stopped to take in the spray of the surf or the scent of the salt air? Have I relished the sound of rain on the roof, or a fireplace embers’ glow at night? Have I cherished a lover’s … Continue reading

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And Still She Loved

The smile hid the turmoil inside. She loved deeply; unaware of any other choice.  The void within was a constant thing.  She expected it.  Could find nothing to fill it. So she loved harder.

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  “How many times have I picked you up and put you back together?  You’re broken again, aren’t you?  …sigh.  I suppose I will have to mend you again.” “I hope it doesn’t take as long this time.  The last … Continue reading

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And So… Life Begins

And So… Life Begins The keys are mere plastic things. Their stark, white letters stare up at the ceiling. But each of them is a piece of me. Parts of my life, my heart and my soul. I tap, tap, … Continue reading

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Spring’s Celebration

*Spring is my favorite time of year.  So in honor of the first day of spring…  The first blush of spring.  When the flowers begin their peek out of the soil seeking the sun.  A time of New Beginnings.   A … Continue reading

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Box of Memories

Sorting through that bookshelf, all I intended to do was to gather a few books to donate when I saw it.  The Box of Memories.  The box was something that I had found in an antique store.  The box had … Continue reading

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She is a storm.  Unleashed; empowered.  She knows her worth and yields it with abandon. Her power is her presence. Her gaze makes men go weak and women hunger for something unnamed. She walks through life with a tempest on … Continue reading

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