Awards and Badges

5/9/2017 — This Badge was given to me by the Gracious and Beautiful Jess over at Jessica Bakkers  I am Proud to be a member of the Outcast’s Blog house!  You can find that post here.

6/9/2017 — This lovely award was also given to me by Jess at Jessica Bakkers  Please check out her blog.  She writes about a wide variety of subjects.  You are sure to find something there to entertain and amuse you! You can find my post for the award here.

I received this Wonderful award Twice!!

6/16/2017 — The first time it was given to me by  Adam at Write Thoughts  Please take a look at his blog!  Please find my post for Adam’s nomination here.

6/20/2017 — Then I was surprised a 2nd time by Robbie at The Robin’s Nest!!  Robbie is a Sweetheart and I love her blog.  Give it a look!  My post for Robbie can be found here.

6/18/2017 — This Lovely award was given to me by Jo-Ann over at Inspiration Pie    Her blog is a feast in many ways.  Be sure to take a Tasty Break at her blog!  My post for Jo-Ann is here.

6/26/2017 — Sweet Jo-Ann over at Inspiration Pie nominated me for a 2nd award!  The Sunshine Blogger Award!  Have a treat and head over to her blog!  Yummy!  This tasty post is found here.

8/29/17 — I have been graced with another award!  The One Lovely Blog Award comes from the Lovely Roda at Growing Self Blog   Please take a minute and look over this Lovely blog!  You can find my Lovely post here.

10/3/17  Nicolle at Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert has nominated me for this awesome award!  Thank you Nicolle!  Please take a moment and peek in on Nicolle’s blog.  You can find my post for the award here.

10/18/17  I was nominated for this awesome award by Robbie at Robbie’s Inspiration.  Thank you so much Robbie for this and for all you do!  Please take a minute and check out Robbie’s Delicious blog!  You can find my post for this award here.

**Thank you so much to each one of you that humble and honor me with your nominations!  May your generous hearts be rewarded ten fold!