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When I first started using WordPress, I was completely lost.  I had no idea how most things worked.  Basically, I stumbled around and found my way.  But it was mostly trial and error or lucky accident.

If you’re new, or even if you’re not, I’ve compiled a list here of helpful WordPress blogs, private blogs and other suggestions that may be of help to you.

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Blogging Etiquette

In my post on 10 Tips For a Better Blogging Experience  I mention ways to Share,  give credit, etc.  These are all great things to pay attention to.  But what do you do when a follower gets a little out of hand?

Way back when, I started this blog all over again from scratch!  I was foolish enough to give a man I was dating the link so he could see some of my writing.  He became a stalker!  I ended up completely deleting my blog.  It was a hard lesson to learn.

I’m not having that kind of issue now, but this person have really stepped beyond the usual bounds of social etiquette.

Have you ever had a follower make you feel uncomfortable?   What did you do?

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Dear Earthlings

I reblogged this once before, but after a snarky comment, I took it down.  After thinking about it, I am reposting it.  This is a Great Post, worth reading.  If you don’t like anything on my blog, you don’t have to look at it.  If you have comments, please keep them civil, as I do moderate comments before they post.

I am not best pleased.

via Dear Earthlings — Afterwards

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This year I’ve taken a much more active approach on my blog and I’ve gained some new followers because of it.  Yay!

With new followers, I’ve followed back a lot of new bloggers.  This has been so fun!  I’ve made some new friends and have added to my “favorites”.  I’ve also discovered a lot of new writing, etc.  So cool!  Now, I have a lot more coming into my Reader Feed to keep up with!  It’s a challenge, but I’m enjoying it!

Tell me, do any of you fellow bloggers know how I can find out how many bloggers I follow?  I don’t have any idea.  It would be nice if I could see a list somewhere.  Please let me know if you know.  Thanks!

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Asking Why

A whisper that brushed my skin

Like wind in my hair.

A touch I’ll always remember

I thought I’d find you there.

Mist on the lake by moonlight

Gone like a sigh.

I hold tight with my heart

The memory, asking why.

Copyright ©2017 Penny Wilson


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I always knew there was something Dark in you.  Then the day came when you revealed your true self.

You didn’t see me hidden in the dark as I followed you.

Your rituals, rehearsed and practiced millions of times.  Would I die for seeing them?

You raise your hands and the people fall silent.  Did I see worship in their eyes?

The danger of my curiosity now realized, I shrank back from the glow of the fire.

You raise your face to the heavens, the fire glow turning your skin crimson.

With a booming voice that I did not recognize, you said “Bring the sacrifice forward!”

Suddenly there were hands on me, pulling me up and dragging me, stumbling, toward the fire.

My curiosity always did get me into trouble.

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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Art Talks Back

Please enjoy Laura’s light-hearted look at famous art. Enjoy!

Perfectly Mixed

This scene is based on three famous pieces of art: ‘The Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Scream’ by Edvard Munch, and ‘David’ by Michelangelo

“How many people do you think we’ll see tonight?” Edvard asked his friends.

“Oh, I dunno.” Mona responded. “Probably a ton-as usual.” She replied nonchalantly. She was accustomed to people looking at her.

“I think we’ll see a lot tonight. I’ll bet it’ll be a long night.” Edvard replied

“Hmmm, yeah.” Mona responded casually. She didn’t seem to be too interested in the people who’d be coming in to the museum to see them tonight. With her dark hair and beguiling smile, it was impossible not to be intrigued by her. Everyone just loved to stare at her and guess about who she was and why she smiled the way she did.  She hated this.

“How many you estimate?” Edvard went on.

“Oh, I don’t…

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