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A Talk With Mom

Hi Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.  I miss you.  This is a pretty setting.  I’m glad you have a place away from the road. I wish that I could talk to you.  There are so many things I would share with you! … Continue reading

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Easter Memories

Happy Easter! I don’t have a lot of childhood memories of Easter.  Growing up and going to church was hit and miss for me. My memories of Easter as a kid consisted of a few egg hunts, but mostly I … Continue reading

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Box of Memories

Sorting through that bookshelf, all I intended to do was to gather a few books to donate when I saw it.  The Box of Memories.  The box was something that I had found in an antique store.  The box had … Continue reading

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The BEST Day!

I have had the Best Day!!   I have the World’s Best Boss and the World’s Best Job.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but if not, I should have! The flowers in the picture above were given to me … Continue reading

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Is Your Loved One an Introvert?

I wrote an article for Introvert, Dear .com sometime back about recognizing and dealing with a loved one that is an Introvert.  Introvert, Dear .com has been kind enough to Repost that article! If you have a loved one who … Continue reading

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Ordinary Day

I smelled rain today and thought of you. It whisked me back to a time of innocence And forever-long summers. You towered over me; My hand tiny in your grasp. Your voice, boomed. All I heard was love. Big as … Continue reading

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Spend Time

Most years, I try to stay the hell away from the stores from Thanksgiving until about January 10th.  The dates in between, it’s like people have lost their flipping minds!  It’s a feeding frenzy out there and quite frankly, it … Continue reading

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