Your heart beats a rhythm,

matching mine.

We are intertwined.

It comes as natural

as breathing.

A piece of your heart

beats in this chest,

as a piece of mine

beats in yours.

I breathe you in

as we blend


one another.

The connection,


transcending all.

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson


And Still She Loved

The smile hid the turmoil inside.

She loved deeply; unaware of any other choice.  The void within was a constant thing.  She expected it.  Could find nothing to fill it.

So she loved harder.

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The Moon Won’t Tell

The moon won’t tell.

It does not hear my pleas.

You’re not to be found.

I’m down on my knees.

I’ve risked and plotted

For eyes that look like yours.

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Rusty Knight

The very kind Harry, of Poet’s Corner has allowed me to be an author on his amazing site. I hope you enjoy this post and please, have a look at Poet’s Corner and it’s many talented Authors!

Poet's Corner

It had been so cold and alone, those days in the dark.

There was a sadness on her soul and also in her heart.

She looked to the stars, the moon and the sun.

Warmth had turned it’s back, she thought she was done.

A Knight appeared before her and reached out to take her hand.

He was unlike any other in this unforgiving land.

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