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I love you for a thousand years — johncoyote

REBLOG: Please read this Amazing piece from a very talented writer and poet. ❤

A thousand years You came to me in my sweet dreams again andyou were dancing in your white Summer dress by the lake. I watched your beautiful face smiling and you were singing to the afternoon sun. I stood-up and I joined you in the dance of laughter and joy. I whispered to your wanting […]

I love you for a thousand years — johncoyote
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Your heart beats a rhythm,

matching mine.

We are intertwined.

It comes as natural

as breathing.

A piece of your heart

beats in this chest,

as a piece of mine

beats in yours.

I breathe you in

as we blend


one another.

The connection,


transcending all.

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson