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Your presence miraculous Your touch nourishment to this thirsty soul You forgot your halo It’s still lying here Only slightly tarnished Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

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That Kiss

The memory of that kiss still rocks me   Do you ever think about it?   That kiss

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Your heart beats a rhythm, matching mine. We are intertwined. It comes as natural as breathing. A piece of your heart beats in this chest, as a piece of mine beats in yours. I breathe you in as we blend … Continue reading

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Hushed whispers in the dark. Desires realized. Tangled sheets tangled webs. Daylight speaks Of transgressions Shared. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson    

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And Still She Loved

The smile hid the turmoil inside. She loved deeply; unaware of any other choice.  The void within was a constant thing.  She expected it.  Could find nothing to fill it. So she loved harder.

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Whispers in the night Hot breath on Goose flesh skin Wanton desires  Realized Awakened thirst Unspoken dreams Forbidden Hunger Satiated Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson        

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The Moon Won’t Tell

The moon won’t tell. It does not hear my pleas. You’re not to be found. I’m down on my knees. I’ve risked and plotted For eyes that look like yours.

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