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Years of running Years of drumming Mile after mile Endless drum solos Late nights Early mornings Two packs a day For too many years Junk food COPD Scoliosis Hearing loss 15 surgeries I did it to myself Scars Showing that I’ve lived But the damage is done ~The Tennessee Poet~ ©Walt Page 2018 All Rights […]

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Precious Jewel

I seem to be
more aware
of the passage of time
and life not lived
or time wasted.

I feel it slipping by me
and I know I cannot
slow its progress.

Depression was the thief
that stole much of my life
from me.

It shakes me
to my core
to realize
that it took me
this long
to realize
the precious jewel
that is life.

Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

*A special Thank You to Chuck over at The Reluctant Poet for his kindness and his insight.  

My Glass house

Looking out through the glass walls, I keep my distance.  You see, the glass lets me observe life without getting my hands dirty.

Become a participant?  Oh, no.  Risk the safety of my glass sanctuary?  I couldn’t possibly!

I’ve built perfection here.  Everything in its place.  Everything as it should be.

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I Didn’t Know I’d Live This Long

The older one gets, the more there is to look back on.  There’s more about life to contemplate.  Hitting 60 was a pretty big deal for me.  I really didn’t think I would live this long.  The women in my family do not have a history of longevity.

You know that old saying “If I knew that I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself”.  Well, it applies to me too.  I was a wild child.  I didn’t have a brain cell in my head until I hit at least 30.  I put myself into some dicey situations.

Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me,
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

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Who Is This Guy?

I found this amazing photo on  Credit goes to a photographer that goes by “Vero Photoart”.   She has a website that you can check out here:

After recently having what I consider to be a milestone birthday, I’ve started to write about aging on a couple of different occasions.  But those writings took directions that I was not happy with.

While looking for inspiration for my aging piece, I came across this photo.  I keep going back to it and looking at it.

I wonder about the story behind the photo.  Who is this guy and what’s his story?  How old is he?  I bet he’s not really that old.  It looks like his hair is wet.   His beard is neatly combed.

Look at his eyes.  I see stories there.

It has made me so curious that I’ve written to the photographer and asked her about him.  We’ll see if I get a response.  I will keep you posted!

What do you think?  What do you see in this photo?

W – Withered


W – Withered

When you look at me, do you see the passions of a young girl?  Do you see me?

These hands once held a favorite baby doll. They tenderly held a lover.  They held a child to comfort and a spouse as they passed.

These feet, skipped, danced and played in the rain.  They wore high heels and hiking boots.

I once told secrets in the dark, giggling with childish delight.   I ran and jumped and fought imaginary pirates, or cowboys.

Behind these eyes, once sparking and clear, lies the heart of adventure and daring.  Yesterday my long dark hair would fly behind me as I chased tomorrow.

Now my body moves slowly and the aches and pains are many.  My hair is thin and silver.  My memory of yesterday is not as clear as it once was.

When you look at me, do you see me?  Or do you see the withered shell?


R – Reflection


R – Reflection

The last few years have given me reason to pause and reflect on my life and the direction I’m headed.  My life is SO different now than what it was just a few years ago.  In a good way.

I’m also getting older, which certainly beats the alternative!  This has made me think about my future as well.

Man, I never thought I would live this long!  Like they say, I would have taken better care of myself!  I’m pretty lucky in that regard.  I’m in very good health.  A few aches & pains.  But we all have those, right?

For the first time in my life, I am putting my future needs number 1.  I think that in the past, I had a “what will be will be” kind of outlook.   Now, I realize that I have the ability to make a positive difference in my future.

So I’m getting my ducks in a row.  It will take a couple of years, to get where I need to be.  It feels really good to have a Direction, an Outline, a Path!!

My Body Has Betrayed Me!

At what point did my body start betraying me?

I used to be able to party until dawn, get home just in time to shower, change my clothes and go to work.  Yeah, I’d be hung over as hell, but I could do it!

Now, I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing!

I get pissy if someone wants to have a “late” meeting or dinner, say, 8 or 9pm?   I’d think, “What the hell?  I’m on my way to a bubble bath and my comfy jammies by then!”

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