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Z Publishing – Affiliate Program

Hello all and Happy Friday!  I know I announced my poem’s placement in Z Publishing’s anthology, pictured here, earlier this month.  But I would like to tell you about Z Publishing’s website and my becoming an Affiliate.

IF you happen to go to Z Publishing’s website and purchase ANY of their books through my Affiliate Link, I will earn a TINY amount for that referral.  I don’t really expect to make any money with this, but I thought I would let you know it is available if you had considered buying any of their books.

Z Publishing is a wonderful resource for New and Emerging Writers.  This is what they do.  They give us Newbies a chance in this big ole’ world of publishing.  Not only do they publish poetry.  But they also print short stories, novels, etc.  Their submission process is an easy one and there is NO charge.

No pressure to buy!  But do yourself a favor, if you want to be published, and give these people a look.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  ❤ Penny

Okay.. Let me hold back the heart attack for a moment.. I just finalized (well, almost) the cover of my poetry book, actually my first ever complete book! And I am impatient, needless to say. So… Ta-daaaa.. I designed this cover from scratch, the pastel painting is one of my favorite artwork done by me. […]

via Swinging Sanity – Cover Reveal!! —

Swinging Sanity – Cover Reveal!! —

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From Writer to Author

I’m in print!  For the first time ever!  Z Publishing has published several anthologies on poetry and one of my poems was chosen to be included!  I submitted 3 poems and they chose one.  Just one poem per author.

If you would like to see the book and all of the amazing, talented poets included, you can find the book on Amazon HERE:

I’ve been published online several times and I am ever so grateful for those opportunities!  But this is the first time that I can actually hold something in my hand and say “I did this”!  It feels amazing.

Thank you all that have been here for me on my journey thus far.  I thrive not only because of my love of the written word but because of the continued encouragement and support I find here on WordPress.  ❤


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#WeeklySmile-Self Publishing

This past week has been a blur.  I’ve decided to publish a book of poetry!  Along that line, I sent out a request for Beta Readers.  That effort didn’t pan out as well as expected, but I did receive some good feedback that I can use.

This effort is a real learning experience.  I have NO idea what I’m doing.  But that’s never stopped me before!!  🙂  heehee!!

I’m going the route of self-publishing through Amazon.  So I’ve been researching as much as I can.  I’ve gone through my stack of poetry again and again, eliminating some pieces and adding others.

I am now at the point in the project where I’m proofing and formatting each piece.  It’s tedious.  After you look at your own work for so long, you go blind.  What I mean by that is that the piece loses its depth.  You have to really concentrate and stay focused.

I’m excited about this project and am happy about the progress I’ve made.  I’m especially looking forward to the long weekend so that I can concentrate on it.

I’ve decided on a title for the book, but don’t have the artwork for the cover yet.

Once I am further along in this process, I may post another request for Beta Readers, with a more finished possibility of the book.  If you’re interested in being one of those Beta Readers, use my contact page and send me an email.  I’ll be in touch!

All in all, I’m a very happy girl these days.  I’m still loving my new digs, although I am having some plumbing issues.  But that’s for a different post.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  Penny ❤

*This is in response to Trent’s “#WeeklySmile” prompt.  If you would like to join in on the fun you can find out all about it HERE.  

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I slept till almost 7am.  That’s sleeping late with my little dog.  I’m anxious to get up and start my day.  I’m going spend my day at the keyboard and be Productive.  This is what I’ve promised myself.  I’m excited to get started!

I get up and make a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer poured heavily.  Because, why not?  I linger over my coffee and watch a bit of the morning news.

I look at my phone and check my emails.

I had better take Rocket for a walk because it’s been so horribly hot here lately.  If I wait much longer, it will be too hot to walk him.

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What a Mess!

It seems that with my off again, on again process of writing, I now have 4 versions of my novel.  What have I done? !!

The original version has some really great parts, but a weak back story.  So I started the novel over again from scratch!

Enter version #2.

This version has taken a completely different route from the original.  While having the same End Idea as the original, the route it has taken getting there is much darker than I care for.

At some point along the way, I started with a version that was saved from something previous.  I opened the wrong document when I started to write and I created version #3.

After vowing to Just Write The Damned Story, I’ve been making pretty good progress on my novel.  But I have discovered that I made the same error, opening the Wrong Damned Document.

So NOW I have 4 flipping versions of my novel!! Every version is just a little bit different, because every time I would sit down to write, I would just take off from the last sentence on the screen.  I never seem to go down the same path twice.

How to fix it?  I’ve been really frustrated about this the last couple of days.  I’ve got a lot of work involved in this mess.  But I think I’ve come up with a solution.

I’ve gone through and carefully looked at each version and renamed them Versions #1, #2, etc.  This should eliminate future confusion.  I think now I can copy and paste into a Master Version.  I hope.

It sounds like a good idea in theory.

What a mess!

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Keeping Up

I’ve spent the better part of this past weekend writing and submitting a couple of short stories online.  The writing that I did has been Long over due.

I’ve been trying to post something nearly every day on WordPress.  While this has been a terrific exercise to stretch my writing muscles, this and other activities have taken me away from my novel.

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Ordinary Miracles

I mention a poem by Erica Jong in a post that I did previously called The Ruined Book.  You can see that here if you’d like:

I was asked why I did not include that poem in my post.  An oversight on my part.  Here it is.  Enjoy.

Spring, rainbows,
ordinary miracles
about which
nothing new can be said.

The stars on a clear night
of a New England winter;
the soft air of the islands
along the old
Spanish Main;
pirate gold shining
in the palm;
the odor of roses
to the lover’s nose. . .

There is no more poetry
to be written
of these things.
The rainbow’s sudden revelation–
The cliché is true!
What can one say
but that?

So too
with you, little heart,
little miracle,

but you are
no less miracle
for being ordinary. 

Erica Jong

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Why I Write

First of all, I’d like to thank Lori Schafer for asking me to participate in this blog hop.

Like many of you, there is no single reason why I write; there are several. 

As a teen I wrote the mushy poetry that I think most young girls do.   That was put aside for the most part when I grew up.  I would have the occasional moments of inspiration and set pen to paper, but nothing that really amounted to anything was ever written. 

It was not until just a couple of years ago, I started writing about different events in my life.  At first it was a way to share part of my life with my family that they may not have been aware of.  But then, something different started happening when I was writing.  I found these writings to be very therapeutic.  It was something that was completely mine.  No one else could change it or make it different to suit their needs.  There was a strange freedom that I found in the process of putting down my thoughts, feelings and experiences.   

From writing about my experiences, I started expanding into more poetry and then into fiction.  These avenues gave me even more freedom to express myself. 

My life has been very diverse.  My influences are from my start in the back woods of Oregon, a migratory lifestyle and abusive relationships in my 20’s. There were also many happy events; loves and losses scattered throughout my life as there are with everyone’s.    Our life experiences shape our writing.  

Many of the things that have happened to me are not known by all of my friends and family.  There are bits and pieces of it tossed into every piece of fiction.  This is a way of “getting it out there” without having to discuss difficult situations with them.

I am very fortunate.  I have a small band of cheerleaders at my back.  They support me and my efforts 100%.  They have seen me stumble and fall.   They have also been there to help be stand back up and go on.  Years ago I would never had considered writing the way I do now. 

Because of the support I have, I have been given a precious gift.  It is a release for me.  I can shape it any way I see fit.  I’ve gotten so I crave that release.  The NEED to write is something that came as a complete surprise to me.   

During the times without the inspiration, without that “ping” I get when I have a new idea to write about, I feel deprived.  I’m like addict that cannot concentrate because they need that fix.  Writing has become an outlet for me I’ve never had in my life.  It is unlike anything else. 

Sometimes when the need to write it overwhelming, I start writing with nothing at all in mind.  Sometimes it comes out as jibberish.   Sometimes it turns into something wonderful!  I do not post my jibberish ramblings on WordPress.  Those moments are for me alone. 

My writing has also become a source of discovery for me.  There are times when I write that I fall through the page, past the cursor and am totally immersed in what I am writing.  During these moments, my real inner self comes out.  It’s a little hard to explain.  But when I pull myself back into reality, I am often surprised by what is on the pages in front of me.   

Getting lost or immersed in something like that is the real addiction.  To lose myself and let the cursor take me away.  This is a high like no other to me.  This is why I write.  I want that high.  


Please take a few minutes and look at the wonderful bloggers listed below.  They will posting their own articles for why they write in the coming weeks. 


Hello, I’m Morgan, an online, award-winning blogger, freelance writer, and e-book author who has produced short stories, newsletters and mountains of poetry. I am a current member of the Independent Author Network  and have published poetry on the websites:,, D’, I am also a prominent guest writer on Poet’  

In June of 2013 I created the rapidly growing blog on WordPress.  In one year Booknvolume has had over 60,000 visitors and has amassed over 2800 followers from over 150 countries worldwide.  My birth name is Cynthia, but I write under the pseudonym ~Morgan~, so don’t let it confuse you. 🙂

My first book, “Dark Fey, The Reviled” is book one in a series I am currently penning.  It is a Fantasy genre story set in the primordial forests of mystical time in a land peopled by both Light Loving and Darkness Revering Faeriekind. It is a tale of Light and Darkness, of Joy and Sorrow, the Loved and the Unloved.  It shares the Trials and Triumph of Courage and Perseverance, while wrapping the reader in lush, lyrical descriptions.  Available on Kindle, “Dark Fey, The Reviled” is already receiving 5-star reviews.

Some of my other passions and interest include my deep love for animals and the environment, music, acting, cooking, astronomy, spirituality and the paranormal.  I have been a Guardian with the ASPCA since 2008 and also supports the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Escape with me into a world of Magic and Mystery; into a Realm of Beauty and Enchantment, into an intense adventure for your Mind and Spirit.


Brad Locke has always been a story teller. Language class in Grade Four, hanging out with his childhood friends at the playground, babysitting his younger cousins or writing highschool exam answers, telling stories were always part of his early life.

As an adult the opportunity to tell stories continued. Working with various youth groups, program director at a children’s summer camp, a support worker with individuals facing behavioral challenges, an occasional wedding emcee and a roleplaying gamemaster, stories being shared are a usual part of each day.

With the internet revolution Brad chose to take advantage of the technology to share his stories with a larger audience and in 2010 began his blog, The Convoluted Menagerie ( There, those who happen to stumble upon his blog from all corners of this round planet, plus his mom, get to read some of the stories he’s been sharing for years. (And an occasional one or two that he’s kept secret for just as long.)

Brad currently resides in Newfoundland, Canada, has several books stuck in his head, randomly posts thoughts on Facebook and often wonders what he would be doing if this year was actually 1814.