My depression looks like…

REBLOG: A slightly humorous, but very real look at depression.

Mental Health @ Home

monkey looking in a mirror a_m_o_u_t_o_n on Pixabay

Depression has had a big impact on the inside, but it’s also made a few changes in how I look on the outside. Some of these are under my control, but others aren’t. They started off as changes that I thought might be temporary, but I’ve come to accept that’s not the case.

Depression face

I feel like my face has gotten to look a lot older over the last few years. I used to wear makeup on a regular basis. Now I can’t even remember the last time I wore makeup. It sits in a drawer in the bathroom and I think maybe I should just throw most of it out. But then a little voice says maybe I’ll wear it next year… except that elusive next year never comes.

Oh, and eyebrows? Goodbye tweezers, hello Amazon woman.

Eye contact feels uncomfortable and/or tiring, so I…

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