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I Miss Letters

Originally posted on Penny Wilson Writes:
I miss letters.  The kind you used to get in your mail box.  Remember those?  Nobody writes letters anymore.  Even one of my dear friends who is now almost 80, sends emails rather than…

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Re Runs

Maybe you’ve noticed (and maybe you haven’t) that I have been reblogging some of my older pieces. When I started blogging, I think it was in 2012.  Possibly earlier.  That blog ended up being deleted.  I know…  Horrors!!  I had … Continue reading

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Spam, the Epic Continues!

*Spam. We all get it, we all have to deal with it. We might as well have some fun with it, right? Below is another installment of me dealing with some spam that I have received recently.  My comments on … Continue reading

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Today, your hair was silver with a touch of brown sprinkled in it.  Your eyes are blue.  We watched as that old woman patched another hole in her ragged doll’s dress. But I remember the day that I saw you … Continue reading

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My posting here has been sporadic lately.  I’ve written a few good pieces and think that my writing continues to improve.  But there are certainly days when inspiration is lacking. Writing, for the most part, has simply been me sitting … Continue reading

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Fun with Spam #3

*Please know that I make sure to delete ANY links that are associated with these spam messages so they are not harmful.  I’m just having a little fun here. Spam.  Yummy, delicious, filling and cheap.  Right?  A staple in many … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenge-What I Learned

I put myself on a 30 day challenge to do a Post A Day, for 30 days.  I succeeded!  THIS is post #30.  I’m proud of sticking with it and accomplishing it.  I’ve learned a few things along the way … Continue reading

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