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Renewal #writephoto

The new dawn danced its way into existence with a light show  Setting the sky ablaze with cotton-candy puffs of clouds The earth once again renewed with a glorious backdrop of fire and light as its stage © 2019 Penny … Continue reading

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Color of Clouds #writephoto

People think that your eyes are blue I know better the real you the one you show only to me I know your eyes are the color of clouds against a blue, blue sky with flecks of light no flecks … Continue reading

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Untrodden #writephoto

Silver trees feathery down freshly fallen snow The earth waits Hushed Breaths held in anticipation Unblemished Untrodden Soon defiled Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.  If you would like to get … Continue reading

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Hidden Stream #writephoto

The hidden stream surged from the ground.  It rushed along the forest floor winding through the boulders and rocks.  It leapt with joy over the small decent, causing bubbles of excitement.  The stream laughed and played in the sunlight and … Continue reading

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Way Stone #writephoto

The monolith stood grave and silent surveying his domain.   Once a proud beacon; a symbol for his people.   No longer.   But he is not forgotten.   The songbirds now sing his praises and the breezes carry sweet … Continue reading

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Glimmer – #writephoto

Our cheeks were flushed, matching the fire of the sunset.  Our pulses raced with excitement.  This ragtag bunch of forgotten souls; 24 in all, had been walking for what seemed like forever.  But now, there was finally a glimmer of … Continue reading

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Faraway-#writephoto and #OctPoWriMo

I hear your voice faraway; it whispers my name. You sailed into the sunset, but it’s me that’s adrift. My heartbreak tints the clouds a dirty pink. My tears, salty like the sea. I’m chilled as I hear the echo … Continue reading

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