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You’re standing there alone.  Watching the waves, just like you do every day.  Maybe today I’ll have the courage to say hello. Maybe I’ll have the courage to ask you what is that you see when you look at the … Continue reading

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What Remains?

Heaven in your arms. Utopia in those eyes. Days in paradise, Nights in bliss. My soul, a small price to pay. What remains? Hell. Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson *This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday writing prompt, #writephoto.  … Continue reading

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Consumed #writephoto

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Sue’s Thursday prompts.  However, this photo was very inspiring!  If you would like to be part of the fun with Sue’s prompts, you can read all about it HERE.  Below is my … Continue reading

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Splash me with the blue of heaven The exact color of Your eyes Let me flow Between your fingers Quell my parched Skin Touch me Leaving My Eden Quenched Yearning only Another Splash Of Heaven Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson … Continue reading

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Footprints-Something Fishy #writephoto

Looking behind her, she saw her footprints.  She cocked her head, studying them.  They looked so odd to her.  She smiled and bent over to pull her shoes off.  “At least that’s a little better!”  She thought to herself. Continuing … Continue reading

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Another Day

The valley began the day in hushed anticipation as the sun rose. The fog, not yet lifted, lay like a child’s blanket over the expanse. The sun touched the sky, gently kissing it with nursery colors of pinks and blues. The … Continue reading

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They were just ahead.  Soon, she’d have all she wanted. It had been a torturous journey.  Having been denied this small luxury was hell.  People over there didn’t understand.  Still on the tiny plane, she started to imagine it.

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