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The Truck Hamper Experience — Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

I hope you will enjoy my friend Linda’s delightful story below.  It will make you smile, I guarantee it!

Well over a decade ago all of our appliances died at once. Not all at once like at the very same minute, more like all at once in the very same month. One after the other, they all bit the dust. First, it was the fridge. It stopped fridging. Things that should be cold got […]

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Tell Your Face!

My ex-husband could be rude & crude to the extreme.  It’s One of the Many reasons that he’s the Ex-husband.  He was also Very quick witted.  One day his wit and timing was flawless…

Have you ever encountered that waitress, bank teller, sales clerk or other person that works in the public eye that just has a dead-pan look on their face?  Like those sullen Creatures at Walmart that MIGHT utter a hello if you poke them real hard with a sharp stick?  You know what I mean, we see them all the time, right?

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Are You Immune?

I’ve written some dark things lately.  I received a comment from someone about it that I found hurtful.

He said he couldn’t believe that he had spent time with someone that would even think such things.

There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t have dark thoughts.  Those thoughts may not be a murder mystery plot, but there are still all kinds of dark thoughts.

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