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The Moon’s Blush

The Sun so loved the Moon.  Her luminous smile set his heart aflame.  His burning desire shone for all to see. But he yearned for the darkness.  The Moon lit the night, paving the way for his dreams.  The glow … Continue reading

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Star Man

Smiling, you slowly opened your hand. You held the heavens in your palm. You promised me forever. Sealing it with a kiss. Tomorrow was always a given With you. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *Day 10 of my 30 day, … Continue reading

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Moon Child

My Moon Child. With alabaster skin and a Stardust twinkle in your eyes. You walk among the blooms Kissing each with dew as The morn approaches. You sleep away the sun Today To kiss the flowers Once again Under the … Continue reading

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Let Me Slumber

Under the stars, the grass is cool against my fevered skin. You are in silhouette, but I know your breath as it warms me. The fireflies dance, as if in celebration. The breezes carry your scent to me. I’m intoxicated … Continue reading

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Last Day on Baird

Russell blinked, once, twice but the message on his watch didn’t change. “The High Counsel has approved your request. Please report to Elimination Chamber #378 within the next 24 hours.” A huge grin spread across Russell’s face and he turned … Continue reading

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