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Spring’s Celebration

*Spring is my favorite time of year.  So in honor of the first day of spring… 

The first blush of spring.  When the flowers begin their peek out of the soil seeking the sun.  A time of New Beginnings.   A time of Rebirth and Fresh Starts.

What a joy to behold!

The world shucks off its grey shroud of winter and dons a bright floral frock for all to see.  The trees rejoice as they come back from the death-grip of winter.  They show off their gentle blossoms that rain down in the gentle spring breezes.  Glorious fragrances fill the air.

Mother nature is a joyful noise as the newborn explore and scurry, worrying their mothers as they do so.

The rivers and streams, their waters set loose from winter’s icy grip are now running with abandon.  They dance and play as they tumble over rocks and laugh their way down water falls.

The entire Earth is in celebration as it reawakens from it’s winter’s sleep.

Spring’s Celebration!

Happy Spring, All!  I know this is a repeat. I hope you don’t mind. It’s a favorite. Enjoy!  ❤ 

Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson 

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Sunshine and Spring Cleaning

I know I’ve been quiet lately.  But rest assured, all is well.  I took a couple of days off and did some spring cleaning, yard work and other chores that I have been putting off around the house. The reappearance of the sun helps to boost one’s mood. The coming forecast is calling for days and days of more rain. I know I should have invested in those ark building classes when I had the chance! 🙂

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Longing For Spring

She arches

Slowly exposing
delicate casing 

Sun warms
frigid bark

Tendrils stretch
seeking fevered

Winter’s chill

Longing for Spring

Copyright © 2018 {Penny Wilson) 

* This was inspiried Frank Jansen's stunning
Photo Prompt. While it does not fit the guidelines, I couldn't 
help but write about what I was seeing. 
If you would like to get in on the fun, 
you can find out all about it HERE.  


A little hint of spring from a favorite poet.  Please enjoy this poem from Paul Lenzi.  Be sure to visit his site and explore the archives of this incredible talent.  He is truly missed. ❤

twirling her skirts shapely flower stem legs embarrass the snow From my books Bohemian Scents and Riverthink

via Spring Tease — Poesy plus Polemics

Spring Tease — Poesy plus Polemics

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Spring’s Celebration

*Spring is my favorite time of year.  So in honor of the first day of spring… 

The first blush of spring.  When the flowers begin their peek out of the soil seeking the sun.  A time of New Beginnings.   A time of Rebirth and Fresh Starts.

What a joy to behold!

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Spring Fever?

Anybody else have spring fever?  I do!  I’ve been looking at my wardrobe lately and I’m WANTING those bright colors of spring, like in the picture above.

But instead I get Spring Blah….

Nothing I own seems to reflect what I’m feeling inside!  Is this a possible indication of my recent gloomy stint?

Since I am on a strict No Spending policy right now, I’m going to have to get creative with what I have!

Happy Spring All!

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I want to be here today.  Doesn’t this look cozy?  Today is overcast and the temp when I was out earlier was just slightly cool.  This makes me want to snuggle under a soft fluffy blanket with a hot beverage and read.  Delicious!

I know that summer is just around the corner and here in Texas, we won’t get many more days like this.  So I savor each one.

Happy Spring!

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Time in the Country

I love a small town.  Quiet mornings and the slower pace.

Thursday I headed South to my brother’s place.  My brother and sister-in-law live in a tiny town of 820 people.  It’s very quiet.

The drive south was lovely.  Traveling in the mid morning on a Thursday, did not present much traffic.  As I left the city behind me, the scenery around me showed me it’s celebration of Spring.

The Bluebonnets are in bloom here in Texas.  I was also treated to an array of different colors of Morning Glory and Indian Paint Brush.

The fat black cows in contrast to the bright green of the fields around them had their own beauty.

The day before me was glorious, as if God was showing off after winter.

There isn’t much to tell you about the 2 days I spent at my brother’s place.  Mostly what we did was sit around and visit, get caught up and watch the slow pace of the world outside go by.

I spent some time in the swing in the backyard, watching Little Dog explore the Great Outdoors of the big back yard.  I sat and marveled at the quiet and the spring smells of the breeze.

I love my home and my life in the city, but the peace of the country has a way of recharging me.  I love Spring!

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Flower Raid

 Flower Raid

It’s Spring!  What a glorious time of year!  This is my favorite time of year!  Spring flowers, rebirth and starting anew.

I guess this is why a favorite memory of mine popped into my head while out on a walk this morning.  I was walking my little dog and spotted some beautiful white irises.  It still surprises me how early these bloom in Texas.  I was wishing I could hop the fence they were behind and pilfer a big bunch of them!  They would make such a beautiful bouquet!

That’s when the memory hit me.

I used to live in the tiny town of Pilot Rock Oregon.  The population at the time was probably around 1,000 people.  My BFF, Denise and I met in Pilot Rock in our 20’s and have remained close friends ever since.

Denise and I were hanging out on a quiet Friday night.  It was early summer and quite warm.  I think the whole thing started quite innocently.  We decided to walk down to the grocery store, the only one in town, just for something to do.

Pilot Rock is small enough that you can walk from one end to the other quite easily.  There isn’t a lot to do in a town this small and we were both restless and looking for some excitement.  Being in our 20’s, I’m sure had something to do with this way of thinking.

I seem to recall that at this particular time, we were going through an “all men are scum” phase.  We passed a lovely yard that had gorgeous flowers blooming in a flower bed against the fence that lined the sidewalk.

I reached over and after quickly scanning the windows and front area of the house, plucked a huge Zinnia.  I said something about having to get our own flowers because we didn’t have anyone that would give us flowers.  (All men are scum, remember?)  Denise smiled at me and promptly reached over the fence and did the same thing.

We looked at each other and giggled.  We swiftly left the area of the crime and continued our way down the street.

A couple of houses down, we spied a yard with big white daises and we each took one of these flowers from this yard.

From that point on, we were on a mission.  By George, we were gonna have flowers, beautiful flowers, and we were gonna have a lot of them!

We went up and down the streets, from house to house, yard to yard and picked flowers.  We never decimated anyone’s yard.  We didn’t want to cause any damage.  We would only take one or two flowers each from that yard before moving on.

There were yards where we didn’t dare pick any flowers!  The owner of the property would have our hides if we were caught.  Like Old Mrs. Stickler next door to the library downtown.  She had the most Beautiful rose bushes in her front yard.  They were right next to the sidewalk with no fence between you and them.  But we were terrified to pick them.

I can remember standing just on the outer fringe of her property and watching the windows for signs of life.  Mrs. Stickler was so mean!  If you were caught by her who knows what her wrath might be!  The lights are on, so I know someone’s home.  Did I see a curtain move?  It was best not to chance it.  We moved on, too afraid to risk it.

We just knew that if someone spotted us picking flowers from their yard, we would be in trouble.  If nothing else, we would get yelled at!  So we tried to be as sneaky as we could.  We didn’t want anyone that saw us to suspect what we were up to.

The flowers we collected on our night of thievery, varied.  They were anything that was blooming at the time.  Lilies, daises, roses, zinnias, irises, bachelor buttons, etc.

Finally, we got to the point to where we each had so many flowers that they were hard to hold.  I had both hands wrapped around all the stems.  They would barely reach, I had so many.  Denise’s were the same way.

The bouquets we were holding were huge!  The bouquets fanned out and were wider than our bodies.  We could not possibly hide these flowers!  We walked home carrying these giant bouquets each of us terrified that someone was going to call the police and we would be hauled off to jail.

It was full dark by this time.  Each time a car would pass by and the headlights would hit us, I remember telling Denise to just “act natural”, like this was no big deal.  But inside I was shaking!

We made it home without incident.  No one called the cops.  We weren’t hauled off to jail.  What we did was basically harmless and we had a blast doing it.  This Flower Raid with my BFF is one of my fondest memories.