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Got Spam??

Ah, Spam.  Yummy and filling, but not always a good thing when it’s cluttering up your mailbox!   I’ve done several posts on humorous spam that I’ve received.  Those of you that are new to following me can find some of … Continue reading

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Spammy Laughs

*Ok Boys & Girls, it’s time once again for Laughs With Spam. We all get spam and have to deal with it, so I’ve tried to do something humorous with it. I’ve done several of these in the past but … Continue reading

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What The…?? I’m Spam??

I’ve been hearing a LOT lately that people are finding my comments in their Spam Folders!  😦 So please don’t think that I haven’t been commenting.  Please check your Spam folder to see if I’m stuck there! Any suggestions as … Continue reading

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Spammers at it again!

Once again, I’ve collected those goofy spam messages that I’ve received.  Below are some recent ones. You will see these just as I received them, minus any harmful links. My comments on these are in BOLD below. Just my attempt … Continue reading

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The BEST of Spam!

*Photo courtesy of Sesame Street  I’ve been in short supply of “good” or usable spam lately.  So I thought I would gather a “Best Of” collection for you.  These are spam messages I’ve received in my comments. They are just … Continue reading

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Spam Humor

Hello, WordPress peeps.  This is another installation of my ongoing series of Humor in Spam.  We all get spam.  Why not have some fun with it?  Below are some of the spam messages that I’ve received in my comments.  They … Continue reading

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I Love Trash!

Once again, boys and girls, we have another chapter in the exciting world of Spam!  Below are spam comments that I’ve received.  I’ve not edited them in any way.  They are just as they came to me except that the … Continue reading

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