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Skirmish of Sins (Revisited)

I’ve battled Satan. He has invaded my slumber and pursued my days. With yesterday still ringing in my ears, I’m bruised.  Not beaten. Never beaten. Sinner or saint? Who should judge?  I’ve slain today’s temptations. Tomorrow. Tomorrow yields yet another … Continue reading

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Temptation of Mortals

Karl set the groceries on the small table next to the window.   Looking around him, he was still amazed at his luck in finding this place.  He got to work.  It wouldn’t be long before she arrived and he wanted … Continue reading

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Favorite Sins

There is a Kenny Chesney song called “You and Tequila”.  There is One Line in that song that gets me every time I hear it.  It goes “It’s always your favorite sins that do you in”.  Wow… My favorite sins. … Continue reading

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