Is it Envy?

I was wandering around WordPress, looking in on some of my favorite bloggers. This prompted me to attempt a bit of poetry today.  Well, what came out of that, stunk, quite frankly.

This lame attempt got me to thinking about how I felt about the other Amazing talent I see here every day.  I thought “I Envy these talented people”.

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I give myself very good advice … — Robbie’s inspiration

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My favourite Disney movie of all time is Alice in Wonderland. I feel I can relate to Alice who was so bored listening to a book being read by her sister that contained no pictures or conversations that she followed a talking white rabbit down a hole. My favourite song in Alice in Wonderland is […]

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Life, Death and the Lessons We Learn

I recently had the misfortune of losing a dear friend.  Her death was tragic.  But she left me gifts.

I suppose these types of things always make us ponder and do a double take when it comes to our own lives.  I took stock of what was going on in my own life.  I admit, I was having a bit of a pity party.  The “oh, poor little me” kind of thing.

My life has undergone a lot of changes in the last 5 or 6 years and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself over it.  Well, no more!  This girl is going to Bloom Where She’s Planted!

Something else that really struck me as profound is a saying that goes: “Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear”.  Wow.  Just….wow….

I realized I was letting my fears hold me back.  Well, no more!  This girl is going to get what she wants, Just On The Other Side of Fear! 

These things didn’t dawn on me until I lost my friend.  I think she sent me a gift.  I think she was saying, “Enjoy your life and don’t stay stuck like I was.  Get out there and LIVE!”

I live in an area that has SO many opportunities to learn, meet people, explore and I have been looking at nothing but the negative side of things.  I’m here.  I may as well make the best of it.  I need to quit being a big chicken and just get out there!!

My friend’s death taught me something else.  It taught me to TALK.  TALK to those around me.  Let them know what’s going on in my life.  Don’t shut people out.  I think a lot of writers tend to be introverts; myself included.  But there is danger in that.

If you don’t talk to people, how will they know if there is something wrong?  Something serious that they could help with?

Share.  It may make a difference between life and death.