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The Opposite of depressed. . .

Originally posted on Brave & Reckless:
A real look at what it means to NOT be depressed, written by Christine at Brave & Reckless. Brave & Reckless View original post

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Good Intentions

Memories overflow Pooling like Black ink In the corners. Yesterday’s pain Echoes Today’s regrets. Paths taken Choices made. Intentions Give little Solace to Damages done. Copyright © Penny Wilson

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Not Since You

Have I stopped to take in the spray of the surf or the scent of the salt air? Have I relished the sound of rain on the roof, or a fireplace embers’ glow at night? Have I cherished a lover’s … Continue reading

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Hold Tight To the Love

They’ve long gone. The imprint On your heart Still heavy. Questions unanswered Unresolved tears. Brush them aside. Hold tight To the Love. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

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Flash of the Proposal… (an extract from his diary) 

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This is an extract… An extract from the chapter… Chapter of love, life, loss and pain where everybody is wounded… Wounded somewhere somehow by somebody.? And today… Today you, we and I gonna stun… Stun into…

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Payment of Tears

I use them on the flowers That bloom in the dark. They spill down my cheeks And run rivulets across my heart. I taste the salt and wonder; The price seems so high. When will they be enough? How long … Continue reading

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The Thief

Depression is a thief. I haven’t written about depression in a long time.  The reason I haven’t written about it is because I’m NOT depressed.  But with depression being swept under the rug or shrugged off by most of society, … Continue reading

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