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Part of Me

North Umpqua River, Douglas County, Oregon
The sun kissed my cheek, 
but it was your lips 
that touched me.

The breeze caressed my skin, 
but it was your arms 
that encircled me.

The scent of honeysuckle, 
is little compensation 
for the scent of your skin.

My eyes are closed, 
for your eyes are what 
I dream of.

I can feel your heartbeat 
under my fingertips
and hear it in my head.

With me.  
Within me.  
You are a part of me.  

Copyright (C) 2022 Penny Wilson

*While cleaning up some Very Old posts, I came across an older
version of this. I liked it, so I decided to revise it for its
2022 debut. I hope you enjoy. ❤ 
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Friday Favorites-The Reluctant Poet

Welcome to another post of my Friday Favorites!  I’m sorry that I skipped last Friday, but with being smack dab in the middle of the holidays, I suspect you understand.  My goal, each Friday, is to bring you a little information about a Favorite Blogger of mine.  Check them out and they may just become a favorite of yours too!

Chuck, at The Reluctant Poet is a favorite blogger of mine for several reasons.  The reason that I originally connected with Chuck is because he writes some of the most amazing and beautifully romantic poetry!  THIS  is an example of what I mean.  Be sure to browse thru Chuck’s archives, you’ll find a treasure trove from a talented poet!

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