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Publishing Your Work, A Mad, Mad, Mad World

We writers all go through the same merry-go-round when submitting 
our work for publication.  We write, submit, get rejected and repeat.  
I understand that rejection is part of the process.  Rejection makes you 
try harder and you learn from every rejection.  

The thing that gets under my skin is the Vast amount of differences for 
submissions!  There are almost as many WAYS to submit as there are 
publications that accept them. 

*Some accept previously published pieces, others do not.  Some consider 
a blog post as being Published, others do not.  

*Some charge reading fees, others do not.  

*Some places do not accept simultaneous submissions, while others do.

*Some want your submission in a Word document, others want a PDF.  
Still others want the submission to be a copy and pasted into the body 
of the email.  

*Some have very specific requirements as far as font size and type, 
others do not.  

*Some want your submission to be blind.  No name on it anywhere.  
Others want your name on each piece.  

*If submitting short pieces, poetry, etc., some places want just 
One document with ALL of your pieces.  Others want each piece 
attached as a separate document.   

*A LOT of submissions go through Submittable.  With others you 
must email the publication directly.  Still others have their own 
online form you must fill out to submit.  

*Some places want a bio from you.  These can vary wildly. Anything 
from a short piece, limited to 50 words or less to something longer.  
Some places want the bio written in the 3rd person, others 1st person.  
Then some places do not want a bio at all.   And remember the 
requirements for font size and type!!

*Most publications seem to take a lifetime to get back to you with an 
answer, 6 months or more is not uncommon.  If this is the case, you’ve 
got this unpublished masterpiece (in OUR eyes, right?) sitting there and 
you can do NOTHING with it.  Because if they do not accept simultaneous 
submissions or previously published work, you cannot let it be seen 
anywhere else until the Publication Gods that you have submitted to 
have given it a pass or fail.

*Then there is the whole legal mess of your rights as the author.  
Do you retain your rights?  Do they?  You need an attorney to read 
the leagalspeak on some of the websites.  

It’s all maddening!!  Why do we do it??  

I get so frustrated at times that I just throw my hands up in the air 
in defeat.  I close down the website I’m on and crawl back to my little 
cave of self-pity to lick my wounds.  Then that spark will come.  That 
“ping” that tells me “This time! THIS will be the ONE that will get me 
seen and the publishers will take notice!!”  So I go at it again and 
submit more of my work.

I do offer some advice in this mad, mad world of write, submit, reject 
and repeat.   

*PRINT OUT the submission Guidelines and keep them next to you as you 
prepare your piece for submission.  This way, you can be sure not to 
overlook anything.

*FOLLOW the submission guidelines to the letter. No matter how brilliant 
your piece is, if you did not follow the rules, you’re out 
on your ear often before the piece is ever read.  

*PROOF your piece.  For heaven’s sake, you don’t want to be rejected 
because of a spelling error, do you?  Proof, proof, proof!!

*Lastly, take time to vent.  Cry, yell and curse the Publishing Gods.  
Shake your fist and stomp your feet. Scream into your pillow.  Cry 
yourself a river, if that makes you feel better.  But when it’s all 
said and done, take a deep breath and climb back on that horse and 
give it another shot.  

Why?  Because we are writers, that’s why.    

Copyright © 2022 Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved
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Ah, the Joys of Publishing

No, I won’t go off on a rant here. Although, that would be easy enough to do, considering the subject.  But, I will spare you. 🙂

Those of you that have your work published in places other than WordPress are familiar with the need to give the publishers UNpublished work. I do have a problem with accomplishing this. 

I’m not as prolific a writer as many of my friends here at WP are. I consider it a good week if I can post something here 3 or 4 times a week. But this doesn’t mean that I was necessarily write what you see here on each of those days. I share quotes or other people’s work as well. 

This brings me to my point. (I hear you saying, “Finally!) I am going to spend more time compiling some UNpublished work in order to submit for publishing. Therefore, you will not be seeing as much of my own work here. 

I have been very fortunate to have had some of my poetry published online as well as in print.  You can check out my Publications Page HERE if you would like to know more. But my efforts have been hit & miss.  

My intention is to be more focused in that pursuit. You will still see me here.  I can’t seem to stay away, even when I want to!

Thank you to all of you that follow me and put up with my sometimes rambling, nonsensical posts!  

Penny ❤ 

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Duotrope? Use It or Lose it?

Duotrope.  Have you heard of it?  Do you use it?  I’ve heard of it here and there but have had no experience with it. 

From my understanding, they offer a Submission Tracker as well as listings of publishers.  Their site says “We help you save time finding publishers or agents for your work, so you can focus on creating. Our market listings are up to date and full of information you won’t find elsewhere. We also offer submission trackers, custom searches, deadline calendars, statistical reports, and extensive interviews.” 

Duotrope’s fees are inexpensive enough, $5.00 per month or $50.00 per year.  I do feel that we writers get nickeled & dimed to death by everything that costs us though.   

So give me your honest feedback.  Is Duotrope worth it?  Have you had any success with them?  Or is this just another money drain?  

I appreciate your input! 

Thanks! Penny ❤ 


REBLOG:  Be sure to look at my friend Trent’s blog and check out his books!  Quite the accomplishments here, Trent!  Way to go!! 🙂

My time for writing and blogging disappeared half way through the week, but I wanted to do a post. Hey, why don’t I talk about my books?! So here is a list of books with their blurbs in order of publication: Seasons of Imagination Trent P. McDonald’s Seasons of Imagination contains an eclectic mix of […]

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Books to This Point… — Trent’s World (the Blog)

This week, Sue Vincent has most obligingly given us another prompt word that lends itself to an extract from my WIP, Through the Nethergate. Or maybe, the idea I had for this word lent itself to my writing a new piece into my draft. Either way, I am grateful to Sue for the idea. “She […]

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#Writephoto – Timeless — Roberta Writes

Although it will still be a while before Through the Nethergate is ready for publication (I am aiming for early September), I am so excited about the cover that I thought I would share it here and see what you all think of it. This is the blurb (which will help you understand the relevance […]

via Book cover – Through the Nethergate — Roberta Writes

Book cover – Through the Nethergate — Roberta Writes

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Z Publishing – Affiliate Program

Hello all and Happy Friday!  I know I announced my poem’s placement in Z Publishing’s anthology, pictured here, earlier this month.  But I would like to tell you about Z Publishing’s website and my becoming an Affiliate.

IF you happen to go to Z Publishing’s website and purchase ANY of their books through my Affiliate Link, I will earn a TINY amount for that referral.  I don’t really expect to make any money with this, but I thought I would let you know it is available if you had considered buying any of their books.

Z Publishing is a wonderful resource for New and Emerging Writers.  This is what they do.  They give us Newbies a chance in this big ole’ world of publishing.  Not only do they publish poetry.  But they also print short stories, novels, etc.  Their submission process is an easy one and there is NO charge.

No pressure to buy!  But do yourself a favor, if you want to be published, and give these people a look.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  ❤ Penny

Okay.. Let me hold back the heart attack for a moment.. I just finalized (well, almost) the cover of my poetry book, actually my first ever complete book! And I am impatient, needless to say. So… Ta-daaaa.. I designed this cover from scratch, the pastel painting is one of my favorite artwork done by me. […]

via Swinging Sanity – Cover Reveal!! —

Swinging Sanity – Cover Reveal!! —

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Reworked Work #weeklysmile

I’ve had a lot to smile about this past week.  Chuck, a friend of mine over at The Reluctant Poet (who is a sweetheart for sharing some of my work) made some suggestions about formatting my poetry and prose for my upcoming book. I’m sure glad that he did!

The process of formatting, editing,  and proofing everything has been tedious.  But it’s paying off!  While putting said book together, I’ve discovered, what I think, may be a few hidden gems.  In my humble opinion.  🙂

In order to rework these poems, I have been forced to look at my work with fresh eyes.  Doing this has given me a completely new view of things and I am amazed at how differently I see things that I thought were just fine and set in stone the way they were.

Below, is a poem I wrote a long time ago.  It’s always been a favorite of mine.  It deals with the struggles of resisting sin.  It never received the response that I felt it to be worthy of.  After a little tweaking and restructuring, I think that it now may be ready for the spotlight.

I call this Skirmish of Sins.  I hope you like it.  🙂

Stripped clean

Yesterday still ringing

in my ears


But not


Never beaten


or saint


should judge


yesterday’s wrongs


yields yet

another skirmish

of sins

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

*This post is in response to Trent McDonald’s #weeklysmile.  If you would like to get in on the fun you can find out all about it HERE.