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My heart shattered into a million pieces.  A cliche’, I know.  But let me explain why I describe it this way.  I look at the cracks and count them one by one.  This one taught me this, that one taught … Continue reading

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Be Held

He just wanted to hold me.  I was tattered and torn and I pushed him away, determined to claw my way through.  I held on. He just wanted to hold me.   I fought and raged and pushed and stumbled, always … Continue reading

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Not Since You

Have I stopped to take in the spray of the surf or the scent of the salt air? Have I relished the sound of rain on the roof, or a fireplace embers’ glow at night? Have I cherished a lover’s … Continue reading

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And Still She Loved

The smile hid the turmoil inside. She loved deeply; unaware of any other choice.  The void within was a constant thing.  She expected it.  Could find nothing to fill it. So she loved harder.

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Flash of the Proposal… (an extract from his diary) 

Originally posted on anunfinishedsentence:
This is an extract… An extract from the chapter… Chapter of love, life, loss and pain where everybody is wounded… Wounded somewhere somehow by somebody.? And today… Today you, we and I gonna stun… Stun into…

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I Feel It In My Bones

**This is from The Bloggess.  She has an incredible blog.  If you are not familiar with her work, you are missing out.  I hope you enjoy this Beautiful piece. via I feel it in my bones.

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Cleaning Up the Clutter

Good morning my WordPress friends! I’m still tweaking my Blog site.  I’ve “Categorized” most of my writings.  On the side bar (on the right) there is now a heading that says Categorizes.  They are split up into Poetry, Prose, Life, … Continue reading

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