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Bitter Winter

An anemic sun Struggling Feeble Snow oppressive Unrelenting bitter winds Faces sting with winter’s slap Copyright (C) Penny Wilson *I’ve tweaked this a bit and think I like this version better.  I need to remember not to rush it.  🙂

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Kiss… #Poetry — anita dawes and jaye marie

Please enjoy this Beautiful piece of poetry  ❤ Kiss My final chapter here at last Alas, I am no longer, I have passed. Let me tell you, the stories from above Are quite true. If you stick a pin in … Continue reading

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Premature Murder

I am being dragged  My feet splayed out behind me scuffing the tips of my boots  A small cloud of dust encompasses me as I hold on for all I am worth   There are days when I have control … Continue reading

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Untrodden #writephoto

Silver trees feathery down freshly fallen snow The earth waits Hushed Breaths held in anticipation Unblemished Untrodden Soon defiled Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.  If you would like to get … Continue reading

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Reworked Work #weeklysmile

I’ve had a lot to smile about this past week.  Chuck, a friend of mine over at The Reluctant Poet (who is a sweetheart for sharing some of my work) made some suggestions about formatting my poetry and prose for my … Continue reading

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Dark Caress

Daylight brushes the shadows aside   My ebony shield is gone   The light of day exposes my wounds   The world sees

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The Thirst Remains

The need in me to spew forth my thoughts is undeniable My fingers are drawn to the keyboard searching for that release I’m the junkie twitching for his next fix I’m the drunkard looking for his next drink I’m the … Continue reading

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