Meet Nelson

This is Nelson.  The sweet woman that took his picture graciously responded to my email quiery.  This is what she had to say:

Well Penny I will tell you the story behind this image. I was working for an Instameet in Santiago de Chile (my residence actually) and I found this man around, I stopped him and ask for a Portrait, he was so sweet and he said yes, after the portrait I asked if he can tell me something about him, about his life and this good man told me he just work to raise money for his pets. His mission in this life is to take care of abandoned dogs, so every single peso he rise is for taking care his pets. He´s a homeless and his name is Nelson.

Thank you Vero, for your response and your amazing photo!

Who Is This Guy?

I found this amazing photo on  Credit goes to a photographer that goes by “Vero Photoart”.   She has a website that you can check out here:

After recently having what I consider to be a milestone birthday, I’ve started to write about aging on a couple of different occasions.  But those writings took directions that I was not happy with.

While looking for inspiration for my aging piece, I came across this photo.  I keep going back to it and looking at it.

I wonder about the story behind the photo.  Who is this guy and what’s his story?  How old is he?  I bet he’s not really that old.  It looks like his hair is wet.   His beard is neatly combed.

Look at his eyes.  I see stories there.

It has made me so curious that I’ve written to the photographer and asked her about him.  We’ll see if I get a response.  I will keep you posted!

What do you think?  What do you see in this photo?