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Reprised-Eternally Bound

The moon whispers 
his secrets
only to the sea

the sea rushes
to him
faint with passion

surging against the shore
reaching for her love

the moon blushes darker
swollen with desire

these lovers
distant lovers

never to caress
the other

eternally bound

Copyright (C) 2021 Penny Wilson
*This is an older piece of mine that I came across and
decided to reprise it. It's one I've always really
liked. The idea of the moon and the sea in love with
each other but never being able to touch.
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Warm and Cold

The heat from your touch

Your passion

Light my nights

Morning’s glow
the truth

My soul

I know better
than to think
you’re mine

© 2018 Penny Wilson
*This was prompted by the incredible photo above. 
If you would like to get in on the fun, 
please visit Jansen Photo’s blog HERE
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Back to Yesterday

I want to go back.  Back to yesterday, when the world was just us.  When all it took for the world to be right, would be for you to take me into your arms.

I close my eyes, breath deeply and whisper your name.  I’m caught up in the craving.  The  desire that takes me to yesterday.

I open my eyes and there you are.  Your hand reaches for mine once more.  You pull me close and I’m surrounded by your loving embrace.  My pulse races with delight at your touch.  Your eyes hold my gaze.  I fall deeply into the need I see in them.  I’m blissfully intoxicated by your flesh, your scent and your urgency.

I’m lost in yesterday again with you.  To stay would be insanity.

To leave would be agony.

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson  

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K – Kiss

Mmmmm… Who doesn’t like to kiss or be kissed?  It’s just a wonderful thing!

It’s amazing how many things a kiss can say!

You can kiss hello or goodbye.

You can kiss a boo-boo better.

You can blow a kiss.

You can catch a kiss.

You can kiss goodnight or good morning.

A kiss can be innocent.

A kiss can be devilish!

A kiss can be cold.

A kiss can be passionate!

A kiss can be perfunctory.

In days of old, you would kiss a lady’s hand.

You would kiss the king or queen’s ring to show respect.

To this day, people still kiss the pope’s ring/hand.

There used to be kissing booths at the fair with pretty girls selling kisses!

People kiss on the lips and other body parts.

Sometimes you want people to kiss your ass!

People will sometimes kiss a favorite or lucky object.

Like your Lucky bat before a game of baseball.

Some people will kiss the ground you walk on!

You can give a kiss cautiously.

You can kiss with wild abandon!

Politicians kiss babies.

Kisses can be sloppy!

Sometimes, kisses are unwelcome.

For the most part, kissing is a gift usually enjoyed.  Did I forget any important ones?

So today, go give your loved one a kiss.  When you do, think about what that kiss says to that person.