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My Muse. Who Is She?

What does my muse look like?  A lot like me, but much younger; late twenties, perhaps early thirties.  She’s tall and lean with long flowing dark hair that is crazy-wild.  Her eyes are full of fire and attitude.  You wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The Spark

Moments dissolve under my fingertips Meaningless The spark oh, that spark how I chase you! You tease me tempt me I dream of the other side of the page  Blissful virginal world of my creation The rush! Spark ensnared! fleeting … Continue reading

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Broken Appointment

The bitch. I sat there in my usual spot. Fingers poised; ready. Usually, it just flows. It begins as a trickle with me peck, peck, pecking my way onto the page. Then she takes hold and the scenes unfolding behind … Continue reading

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Today, your hair was silver with a touch of brown sprinkled in it.  Your eyes are blue.  We watched as that old woman patched another hole in her ragged doll’s dress. But I remember the day that I saw you … Continue reading

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In The Zone

Isn’t this a lovely setting?  Most of the time, no matter what my little desk really looks like, this is sort of where my brain goes.  I need the order and serenity around me.  If things in my life are … Continue reading

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Muse, Friend, Companion and Spoiled Baby

I’ve written about my little dog, Rocket, several times here.  He is pretty much my constant companion and a never ending source of inspiration. I decided I needed a proper work area for my writing.  Figuring that I would be … Continue reading

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I’m a Writer

I’m a writer. I said it.  It’s not something I’ve allowed myself to say until now. I’ve been writing off and on since I was a kid.  But the last 5 or 6 years, the keyboard has really called to … Continue reading

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