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Doing What’s Right For All

I’ve been feeling rather Uninspired lately, as you may have noticed.  Laying low, not writing and not posting much at all.  Since my little dog, Rocket Always makes me smile, I thought photos of him were just the ticket today.

We are all inundated with news about COVID-19.  The uncertainty of these times has everyone on edge and it’s hard to find the silver lining in all of this.  I was talking to my BFF on the phone the other day and we started talking about the GOOD that we are seeing in those around us, dealing with this pandemic.  People are stepping up.  Neighbor helping neighbor.  I know those that are volunteering to run errands, shop and make home deliveries to those that can’t get out, like the elderly.  People are putting on local food drives to help those in need.  People are hearing from those that they hadn’t heard from in years, just to check in to see how you’re doing.

Politics aside, in my opinion, we have not been on a UNITED front for Any reason for a Very Long Time.  Remember all the stories you would hear about how we all came together and sacrificed for the good of ALL during WWII?  People banded together and did what was good for everyone.  Not because there was something in it for them, but because it was the right thing to do.  It’s time to do that again, folks.

I am blessed in so many ways in these turbulent times.  I have The World’s Best Boss.  He is doing everything in his power to make sure that we are all safe and taken care of.  My job is considered part of the the Construction Industry, therefore considered Essential.  So I am still working.  We are teleconferencing, etc. to maintain our distance. The office only has 3 or 4 people in it right now and we are all aware of the 6 ft. distancing thing.  We are cleaning, hand sanitizing, etc. to be as careful as we can.  So I am fine.

The only place I’ve been for weeks now is work and home, with the exception of a few walks in the park with Rocket.  So my Best Friend, Rocket has been another huge blessing in my life.  My life would be so quiet and empty without him.  He makes me smile and laugh every day.  (something that is SO needed in life right now!)  If nothing else, he’s a reason to get out of bed everyday!

Rocket is my Office Assistant and goes to work with me on most days.  This is a photo of him at the desk, hard at work.  I try to leave all of the really big decisions up to him because his judgement is always tempered with not only wisdom but compassion and love as well.

At this time, be sure to stay in touch with those you love.  Reach out, if not physically, then send a text, make a phone call, email, whatever.  Just don’t lose touch.  Be there in spirit for them.  Stay Safe, Stay United and let’s Do What’s Right for All for Us.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  ❤ Penny

Copyright (C) 2020 Penny Wilson

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Come next week — sudiecrouch

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“The Secret to Self-Motivation” — Kristina Boucher

This post from Kristina’s blog is amazing!  Please do yourself a favor and watch this brief video. Thank you Kristina for sharing this!

Recently I watched this video that I find incredibly inspiring. If you are struggling to write, or to find any motivation in your life, PLEASE watch. It’s worth it. Do it before you talk yourself out of it. 😉

via “The Secret to Self-Motivation” — Kristina Boucher

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Just Write the Damned Story!

I understand now why Authors doubt themselves.  I’m making some real progress to my WIP.  But the further I get into it, the more the doubt creeps in.

“Should I have more back-story?  Is this too far-fetched?  Should I eliminate this character?  How about this detail, that detail… etc., etc.”

The continual dialog in my head will not Shut Up!  I constantly have to remind myself to “Just Write the Damned Story!  Just Write the Damned Story!”

Do you have these kind of battles when you are writing? 

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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Real Neat Blog Award

I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by Jess at Jess has a Wonderful blog that is as Varied in it’s Writing as she is!  You should check her out!

This award is designed for people who have a ‘real neat blog’!  Thank you Jess!

Those participating should: 

Put the award logo on your blog. Thank the people who nominated you.  Answer 7 questions by the person who nominated you.  Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.  Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog, etc.). Ask your nominees 7 questions.

My answers to Jess’s questions: 

  • What is your main inspiration as a writer?  Which writers inspire you?  

My main inspiration has been my life experiences.  I also delve into that fantasy world of my mind that is so fun to play in!  The list of writers that inspire me grows almost daily, especially since becoming more involved in the WordPress Community.  It’s amazing how many talented people there are here!

  • What is your favorite scene from a book/movie/any other media?

It’s pretty hard to pick just one, but I love this:  During the Sex and the City sitcom, Carrie Bradshaw is telling Mr. Big “I am someone looking for love.  Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-you love.”

  • What is your favorite book genre?

It varies, but for the most part, I like crime/thriller type of stories.

  • What motivates you to write? 

At first it was strictly my life experiences that i wanted to retell.  But any more it’s more than that.  I’ve realized a creative side to me that needs to have an outlet.  Writing is that outlet.

  • What’s the best book you ever read and why?

Hands down, the book The Stand by Stephen King.  I’ve read the book 4 times, I think and discover new things every time.  It is such an amazing story of good verses evil.

  • What is the worst book you’ve ever read and why?

This book was so poorly written, that I could not make it all the way to the end of the book.  I know there are many of you that will disagree with me, but the book 50 Shades of Gray had such poor spelling and use of grammar, I threw it down in disgust.  I will have to see the movie I suppose.

  • Which character (from any media) would you be best friends with?

Although there are many to choose from, I think it would be great fun to be friends with John Grisham.  I would love a peek inside that wonderful brain of his to see what inspires him!

My Questions:

  • What person in your life has been your biggest supporter and why?
  • What person in your life has been your biggest inspiration and why?
  • What person dead or alive would you like to have coffee (or beverage of your choice) with today?
  • Why did you start a WordPress Blog?
  • Do you have a ritual or routine when it comes to your writing?  What is it?

My Nominations:

Please note:  It is in NO way mandatory for you to participate.  If you wish not to participate for any reason, I won’t mind, I promise! 

I hope you have as much fun with this as I did and thank you again Jess!



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Alrighty then!  Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve signed up for the NaNoWriMo contest.  I’ve been in a stall lately, nothing coming from my keyboard except dust.  They say to be a good writer,  you need to write EVERY DAY.  That has not been the case for me as of late.  So I thought this contest might just be the kick start I need.

For those of you that do not know what NaNoWriMo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month.  The goal is to write a novel, in a month!  The goal word count is 50,000 words.  I am to start on November 1st and write like crazy till the end of the month.

So….. away we go!   If nothing else, it should be an adventure!  Even if I don’t accomplish the 50,000 word count, I will still have a good start on Something!

Thank you, to all of you that support and cheer me on in my endeavors!  It means the world to me!  Wish me luck!

Thanks! Penny Lane.