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Easter Memories

Happy Easter! I don’t have a lot of childhood memories of Easter.  Growing up and going to church was hit and miss for me. My memories of Easter as a kid consisted of a few egg hunts, but mostly I … Continue reading

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Miss Stiff

I was trying to think back to when the first real spark for writing happened to me.  In my teens, I would write those, love-sick, heart-wrenching poems to that boy that would never read it.  I never wanted anyone to … Continue reading

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Rabbit Killer

I have the Rabbit’s Foot in the picture above, hanging from the visor in my car.  This Rabbit’s Foot has been passed from car to car over the years.  I’ve had the foot for approximately 30 years. I’m not superstitious, … Continue reading

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Box of Memories

Sorting through that bookshelf, all I intended to do was to gather a few books to donate when I saw it.  The Box of Memories.  The box was something that I had found in an antique store.  The box had … Continue reading

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Ordinary Day

I smelled rain today and thought of you. It whisked me back to a time of innocence And forever-long summers. You towered over me; My hand tiny in your grasp. Your voice, boomed. All I heard was love. Big as … Continue reading

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Hold Tight To the Love

They’ve long gone. The imprint On your heart Still heavy. Questions unanswered Unresolved tears. Brush them aside. Hold tight To the Love. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

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I Didn’t Know I’d Live This Long

The older one gets, the more there is to look back on.  There’s more about life to contemplate.  Hitting 60 was a pretty big deal for me.  I really didn’t think I would live this long.  The women in my … Continue reading

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