Increasing the Readership On Your Blog

With everything that we have going on in our lives, it’s no wonder I see so many posts about time management! I must admit that I feel a bit guilty about my hit and miss method of reading other’s blogs. It’s not very fair or efficient. But it seems to be the only way I can get any of them read.

I follow hundreds of bloggers.  There just no way that I can read everything that everyone posts.  What I usually do is scroll through my Reader and pause at what happens to catch my eye.  But even those, if they are too long, I won’t read them. I simply do not have the time.

There are my favorite bloggers (we all have them) that I will actively seek out to see what new thing they’ve posted.

And then there is the never-ending new talent that we run across.  New bloggers or bloggers that I’m just discovering is added to the mix in my Reader.  So my list of bloggers that I follow is being continually added to.

So how can you be sure that your posts will be read? Well, there is no absolute guarantee. But there are several ways to increase the probability. Below are some ideas and suggestions that I’ve learned over several years of blogging. Maybe these ideas will help you too.

  1. Post often and post consistently.  If your blog only pops up with new content once in a while, people will lose interest.  I know several bloggers that post several times a day! I don’t know how they have the time.  I try for 5 days a week and I’m lucky if I can keep up with that.  But the advantage that these bloggers have is the number of times their posts will show up in someone’s Reader. If you dangle that carrot in front of your audience enough, you’re bound to get a few nibbles!
  2. Use an interesting Post Title.  If your blog post title doesn’t sound interesting, enticing, there’s more chance that people will pass it by.
  3. Use photos.  I’ve seen some VERY talented bloggers here that don’t use pictures, at all, with their posts.  The photo will speak for you even if the title or content does not.  Interesting photos will draw in your audience.
  4. Interact with other bloggers.  Don’t be shy.  Reach out, read, comment and share what you find here.  WordPress is a community.  Communicate with your neighbors!  These acts of kindness will often be reciprocated, increasing the traffic on your blog.
  5. Be kind. Always.  If you have a critique or comment, be sure that it is kind.  This is not the place to get on your soapbox if you happen to disagree with someone’s post.  A constructive critique is one thing, being rude or mean is another.  I follow several bloggers that have VERY different points of view on a number of subjects.  I simply do not comment on those particular posts.  They are entitled to their opinion and voicing that opinion as well, just as I am entitled to mine.  Simply put, mind your manners!
  6. Respond. If someone reblogs a post or makes a lovely comment on a post of yours, be sure to respond to that kind gesture! Let them know that you appreciate their input!  Again, mind your manners!
  7. Don’t get too long-winded.  If a post is too long, most people simply will not read it, or won’t read all of it.  I find myself skimming through lengthy posts because I don’t have the time to devote to them.

I know this is not a complete list, but I don’t want to be too long-winded.  🙂  Do you have ideas or suggestions that would help people get more readership?  If so, I would love for you to leave a comment below so we can all share our knowledge with others.  What do you think works for you?  

(C) 2019 Penny Wilson

Image by Daria Głodowska from Pixabay



Blogging Etiquette

In my post on 10 Tips For a Better Blogging Experience  I mention ways to Share,  give credit, etc.  These are all great things to pay attention to.  But what do you do when a follower gets a little out of hand?

Way back when, I started this blog all over again from scratch!  I was foolish enough to give a man I was dating the link so he could see some of my writing.  He became a stalker!  I ended up completely deleting my blog.  It was a hard lesson to learn.

I’m not having that kind of issue now, but this person have really stepped beyond the usual bounds of social etiquette.

Have you ever had a follower make you feel uncomfortable?   What did you do?

I’m Sorry But…

This just sticks in my craw (where IS my craw anyway?), so I’m venting!

I had someone do something to me that I felt was rude and hurtful.  When I called him on it, he said “I’m sorry but…”.     Wait, What??   I’m sorry BUT?

He continued this sentence with “that’s just the way I’ve always been”.

Did he really think this was an apology?   This man really thought that since “this is just the way I’ve always been”, that let him off the hook!  AND he thought this was an apology!

The dictionary says that an apology is an expression of regret or sorrow for having wronged another.

He didn’t sound the least bit sorry to me!  Where was this boy’s mom when he was growing up?

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Mutt Love

I had a childhood friend named Nancy.  Nancy had this big dog named Critter.  Critter was a mutt.   Critter was big with mostly brown and white fur.  He had a big long skinny tail that curled up over his back.

Nancy said that Critter just showed up in their yard one day a couple of years prior and never left.  He was full grown and from the look of him had had a hard life.

Critter was nothing special in the looks department, but he was sharp as a tack!

Critter reflected the lifestyle of his owners.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Critter Never went hungry and he never longed for love or attention.  But he was just rough around the edges, like the rest of his family.

Critter had one ear that always laid down.  When a dog would normally perk up their ears, Critter’s were at half mast.  Critter was missing a patch of fur about 6 inches across on one side of his rump.  Maybe a fight during his younger days?  No one knew.

If Critter had been a Mean Junk Yard Dog, he looked the part.  But if you saw him play and wrestle with Nancy and her brothers, you would see a very gentle side of him too.

Nancy and I would walk downtown in the summertime and wander through the stores.  It was something to do on a hot day and Critter would often tag along.

Nancy never used a leash with Critter.  Critter didn’t need one.  As we walked along, Critter might run up ahead a little ways, but he was never out of sight.  If he lagged behind, it wasn’t long before he ran to catch up to us.

If Nancy and I wanted to go into a store to look around, most of the time Critter would just lie down on the sidewalk and wait for us.  Once we emerged from the store, Critter would fall into place alongside us again and we would continue on our way.

I can recall Critter waiting outside half a dozen stores for us as we made our way in and out of these different businesses.

One day we came out of the Woolworth’s lunch counter and Critter wasn’t there.  I looked at Nancy in a little bit of a panic and said “Critter’s not here!”  She said, “He probably just got tired and went home.”

We were on the opposite side of town from where we had started.  I thought for sure that poor Critter would be lost!   Nancy told me not to worry.

We finished our wandering and headed home.  As we neared Nancy’s house, I was looking for Critter but didn’t see him.  I had a knot in my stomach.  I didn’t want my dear friend to lose her dog and I loved Critter too!

Just as we stepped onto the front lawn a squeal came from around the side of the house.   Here came Bobby, the baby of the family, with Critter hot on his heels!  Bobby had one of Critter’s toys and the two of them were play some sort of chasing game.

Nancy was right.  Critter just went home!

I don’t know what ever happened to Critter.  Nancy’s and my lives took different routes.  But I’ll never forget that big lovable mutt.