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My heart shattered into a million pieces.  A cliche’, I know.  But let me explain why I describe it this way.  I look at the cracks and count them one by one.  This one taught me this, that one taught … Continue reading

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*Some people come into our lives for a reason, some only for a season. You came into my life in the Spring. A New Beginning as we explored each other. Love bloomed. Summer found us in the heat.  Our love … Continue reading

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Shadow & Light

The moon stole a kiss As I drank in the  shadows The sunrise hides Under the scars of Yesterday Turmoil rests Under the guise of Sanity As tomorrow Promises Another day Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *Day 26 of my … Continue reading

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Not Since You

Have I stopped to take in the spray of the surf or the scent of the salt air? Have I relished the sound of rain on the roof, or a fireplace embers’ glow at night? Have I cherished a lover’s … Continue reading

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  “How many times have I picked you up and put you back together?  You’re broken again, aren’t you?  …sigh.  I suppose I will have to mend you again.” “I hope it doesn’t take as long this time.  The last … Continue reading

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Bitter Taste

Swallow my pride Eat my words Bite my tongue How many times To finally Spit out The Bitter Taste Of you © 2018 Penny Wilson

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Heaven Sent

Your beauty; blinding. You shone too bright. I held you only a moment. You never belonged to me. Or the mortals on this blue marble. The stars are your home. You’re made of stardust and dreams. Leave me now. To … Continue reading

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