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It was true.  She was still here. There was a small woman seated on the ground.  Her shoulders slumped, and her head was bowed.  Her hair hung limply in her face.  She rocked slowly back and forth.  She was a … Continue reading

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  Memories fade. As do the shadows. Today marks yet another sunrise without you. Most would say the pain has dimmed. Most would be right. Not today. Today, I still taste your kiss. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson     … Continue reading

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What Remains?

Heaven in your arms. Utopia in those eyes. Days in paradise, Nights in bliss. My soul, a small price to pay. What remains? Hell. Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson *This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday writing prompt, #writephoto.  … Continue reading

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Picking Up the Pieces

  Angels Gather pieces Carefully. As the edges tend to wound. The sight of blood no longer offends the celestial beings. Just another Shard. Uniting The Pieces,  Only the Divine Have mastered. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson      

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My heart shattered into a million pieces.  A cliche’, I know.  But let me explain why I describe it this way.  I look at the cracks and count them one by one.  This one taught me this, that one taught … Continue reading

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*Some people come into our lives for a reason, some only for a season. You came into my life in the Spring. A New Beginning as we explored each other. Love bloomed. Summer found us in the heat.  Our love … Continue reading

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Shadow & Light

The moon stole a kiss As I drank in the  shadows The sunrise hides Under the scars of Yesterday Turmoil rests Under the guise of Sanity As tomorrow Promises Another day Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *Day 26 of my … Continue reading

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