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They were just ahead.  Soon, she’d have all she wanted. It had been a torturous journey.  Having been denied this small luxury was hell.  People over there didn’t understand.  Still on the tiny plane, she started to imagine it.

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Dusk at the Lake

Dusk at the lake. I pick cattails and think of summers Spent with you. Lazy days and Memorable nights. Sunsets of youth And angst of desires Yet undefined. © 2018 Penny Wilson **This is for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt Dusk.  … Continue reading

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Light My World

I feel your gentle touch on the morning breeze. The sunrise brings your warmth. The trees deliver the echos of your heart; The sky, the color of your eyes. I hear your laughter in the raindrops. The stars wink at … Continue reading

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Between Us – #writephoto

Between us A hunger A wish… Between us Moments Slipped away. Between us Adrift Astray. Between us Love fractured. Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson ** This is for a prompt on Sue Vincent’s blog that you can find HERE.  Have … Continue reading

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Whisper my name. Tell me… Your need. Hold me as only you can. The darkness holds your kiss. Blindly I covet the taste. You know my weaknesses And bring me Utopia. Copyright (C) Penny Wilson          

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A Whispered Name – Woodland #writephoto

The breeze brings The fragrance of Wildflowers And your skin Your touch, a whisper Your caress, my desire Your desire Inflames me Share with me your longing Bring to me your hand And heart Speak my name That I may Whisper … Continue reading

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#Writephoto – Tower

They say she waited forever.  From the top of the tower you can see the entire valley.  He said he would come back for her.  She believed.  So she waited. Each day, she would climb the steps to the top … Continue reading

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