To Break the Fall

I've got love songs
on repeat

and write love 
letters in the dark

I search the 
shadows for your light

with my chest 

None of my 
usual tricks

I'll do
anything to 
stop this decline

Anything to
break the fall

Copyright (C) 2021 Penny Wilson

Photo found on Pixabay

Fool’s gold… — johncoyote

REBLOG: Please don’t miss this amazing piece by a incredible Talent, John Coyote. ❤

Fool’s gold Once we held hands and we talks of the great escape. We drank expresso coffee and we walked on the Monterey pier. I savored your sweet voice and I remember. I held you like you were my love in the Winter storms of the Pacific in 1993.Lonely days compelled us to fall together. […]

Fool’s gold… — johncoyote