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Did you hear 
The sound was 

An intense roar 
in my ears

The reverberation 
rattled my bones

And thundered through 
my soul 

Your ego muffled
the sound


I heard it loud 
and clear
The sound of 
my heartbreak 

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson
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Just a hint

A small inkling

Like a whisper
not quite heard

Or a soft scent
on the breeze

I can’t hold
or touch it

A shadow
caught in the path
of the sun

I felt it
I tasted it

I’m sure

Elusive and
as trust

As fleeting
as time


Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson 
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Lapse In Judgement

Not forbidden fruit 
but a mistake all the same

The sweetest of fruit
will surely cause me pain

Are you a lapse in judgement
if my thoughts linger

Are you a bad decision
or a taste for my hunger

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson 

(Slightly revised from a 2017 version)

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Let Me Slumber

Under the stars
the grass is cool
against my fevered skin

You are in silhouette
but I know your breath
as it warms me

The breezes carry
your scent to me

The fireflies dance
as if in celebration

I’m intoxicated
by the night

If in a dream
let me slumber

I do not wish
the daylight
to intrude

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved

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You’ll Be There

As my time here grows shorter, the fear fades.

It’s a comfort, really, knowing you’ll be there when I leave this place.

We can catch up like we always do.

It will be like continuing a conversation from yesterday.

You’ll show me the ropes and all the best places to hang out.

You’ve always been part of me.  It’s good to know that you always will be.

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson

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It’s Always You

I wonder why when I dream, it's always of you

You were the one. The one I said forever to

Years have passed without your smile

I'm resigned to navigate the days and nights in solitude

My heart aches anew each time it realizes that you're gone

I tend to romanticize the past leaving out those rough times, on purpose

The good times were good enough to live on in my memory

Decades later when I dream it's always of you 

It's good to know that you really are the forever one

The one I'll always dream of

Copyright (C) Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved


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The Magician

You are the 
pulling my 
heart from that 
black hat

You hold that 
fragile organ 
on the tip of 
your tongue

to be cut out 
with a phrase

to leave it 
is risking the 

I willingly risk
it all

to be another 

in your 
magic show

Copyright (C) 2022 Penny Wilson

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Twisted Spell

She studied lore and craft
Her heart’s desire to obtain.

She used bat’s wings and chants
And even a little wolfbane.

She locked him in a cage
And cast spells on him each night.

She summoned demons and beasts
And trolls by moonlight.

She took flight with Count Dracula
To learn of his secrets.

Nothing she tried seemed to work
Was this man her weakness?

Finally, defeated
She turned him loose one day.

She said “although I love you
You must be on your way”.

“Your love is what I’ve desired
But it can’t be earned like this.

Before you leave my home
Would you grant me just one kiss?”

He looked at her with kindness
And took her hand with care.

He pulled her close and kissed her
And then he gave her such a glare.

“Although I’ve kissed your lips most foul
You’ll not live to see another nightfall

I am a warlock casting my own spell
I'll turn you into a rat; quite small.”

Before his eyes, she shrank
And began to grow a snout.

She scampered away quickly
To look for a way out.

Before you cast a spell
on the man of the moment.

Use caution, for he may seek revenge
by turning you into a rodent.

Copyright © 2022 Penny Wilson

*Happy Halloween All!   I hope you enjoyed!  🙂

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The Heart Does Not Forget

tickles from
the stubble of your beard

the smile at
the corners of your mouth

were your eyes 
the color of the sea?
or were they
rainy day grey?

I forget

the scent of your skin
in the dark


when your hand touched mine
did my blood race?

many things 

but, love

the heart
does not

Copyright © 2019 Penny Wilson
*Although an older post, I like it. I hope you do too.