Rain On the Roof

This makes me wish for a lazy afternoon to snuggle. This one’s from 2015. I hope you enjoy. ❤

Penny Wilson Writes


I’m in that warm, soft, sweet spot between wake and sleep.  I’m drifting, weightless.  I hear the soft pattering of rain on the roof.   I can hear your breathing, softly, beside me.

I want to stay in this limbo, drifting, floating.  But the sounds of the day continue to intrude.

You turn in your sleep, throwing an arm over me.  You pull me close.  I smile, snuggling and pushing back into the curve of your middle.

To know you want me close, even in your sleep, is the reason for the smile on my face.

I’m drifting again.  You surround me, encompass me.  I can smell the rain, the grass and your skin.

This moment… you, me and the rain on the roof.

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I want to be here today.  Doesn’t this look cozy?  Today is overcast and the temp when I was out earlier was just slightly cool.  This makes me want to snuggle under a soft fluffy blanket with a hot beverage and read.  Delicious!

I know that summer is just around the corner and here in Texas, we won’t get many more days like this.  So I savor each one.

Happy Spring!

NaNo Countdown


I’m looking at the final week here of the NaNoWriMo challenge.  I got Nothing done on the weekend.  (shame on me!)  I spent most of my time working on Christmas presents.

I’m not sure what I’m doing for Thanksgiving.  I would really like to just hibernate.  I like the idea of spending the 4 days, tucked away, wearing my jammies all day if I want to.  Lazing on the couch, wasting the morning drinking coffee.

But that probably isn’t going to happen.

I’m pretty sure I won’t have my book done.  This book has turned into something much more complex and detailed than anything else I’ve written.

It does surprise me about the details.  The details in a book, I mean.  I guess being a reader all my life, I took those things for granted.  I’m referring to the real mechanics of a story.  Like when person A goes from place #1, through to place #’s 2, 3 and 4.  All those tiny details that need to be there to be sure your story flows in a logical progression.

The way a person’s body will move, what they see, hear, smell along the way are all the mechanics of the story.   But oh so important!

Even if I don’t complete my book by November 30th, I’m still really glad I took on this challenge.  The challenge has forced me to dig deep, to stick with it, return to that keyboard, even when I had no idea what was going to be written on the next page.

I accomplished more than I ever thought I would!

Although I’m having a good time, another eye opener for me is the actual WORK involved in writing something of this depth and length.  All of my writing up to this point has been shorter and much more of a lark.

Most of the time when I post something on WordPress, it’s for my own pleasure .   This book has been a real mixture of Work and pleasure.  I’ve got other,  more serious things I want to write about in the future and they will be WORK as well.

I hope all of the other NaNoWriMo participants are doing well at accomplishing their goals!  But no matter what, just remember, you tried!!  That in itself is huge!  So carry on fellow WriMo’s!!

One more thought here.  Thank you to those of you that continue to encourage, push and nag me!  🙂   I love you too.