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V – View of the World

little girl

V – View of the world

Towering over her, she looked up into Grandpa’s eyes.  Smiling back at her, he held out a gnarled hand.   She took it.  His hand swallowed hers, making it disappear.

Looking into her sparkling blue eyes, Grandpa was never happier than when he was in her presence.

Her questions were non-stop.  “Grandpa, what’s that dog’s name?  Why is his hair three colors?  My hair is only one color!  If I had a dog, I would name it Ralph.  What would you name your dog Grandpa?”

He took it all in, loving every second and as patiently as he could, he answered her questions.

She let loose of his hand and ran on ahead; her hair flying out behind her.  She plopped down in the grass and picked the first dandelion she could reach.  She blew HARD, scattering the little seeds to the four winds.

Grandpa smiled as he approached.  It as if the sun had lit up that spot just for her.   Her hair shone and danced around her shoulders.  She looked up as Grandpa neared, her teeth were set in a wide grin from ear to ear.

“Grandpa!  Help me!  There are so many to blow!”

Grandpa looked down at her and said “Honey, you don’t have to blow them all!”

She looked around her, wide eyed.  “Oh thank goodness!”

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C – Commiserate


This is my version of the A to Z challenge. 



Meaning: To feel or express sympathy or compassion.

I lost a dear friend of mine a couple of years ago.  I miss her terribly.  You know, that type of friend that will let you whine and cry on their shoulder if need be and all the while commiserate with you.

I like to think that I was that kind of friend to her too.

On a Friday or Saturday evening, we would buy the adult beverage of our choice, sit around her fire pit watching the fire and solve all the world’s problems.

The pleasure here was very simple.  Just the pleasure of another’s company and the freedom knowing that you can express yourself in any way you see fit.  We both knew that those “gab fests” would stay strictly between us and go no further.

We also knew that neither of us would be judged by whatever words managed to slur their way out of our mouths.  There were a few times, the next morning, I would shake my head, smiling at where the conversation had taken us.

The journey I was on with this woman was one of discovery.  Having someone you can talk to this freely was liberating.  I found myself realizing things about myself that I never knew before.

They say that the easiest person in the world to lie to is yourself.  We’ve all done it.

There were many “aha” moments for both of us.  Through this process, I think we both did some growing.

I miss this woman.  She was a good friend.