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K – Kiss

Mmmmm… Who doesn’t like to kiss or be kissed?  It’s just a wonderful thing!

It’s amazing how many things a kiss can say!

You can kiss hello or goodbye.

You can kiss a boo-boo better.

You can blow a kiss.

You can catch a kiss.

You can kiss goodnight or good morning.

A kiss can be innocent.

A kiss can be devilish!

A kiss can be cold.

A kiss can be passionate!

A kiss can be perfunctory.

In days of old, you would kiss a lady’s hand.

You would kiss the king or queen’s ring to show respect.

To this day, people still kiss the pope’s ring/hand.

There used to be kissing booths at the fair with pretty girls selling kisses!

People kiss on the lips and other body parts.

Sometimes you want people to kiss your ass!

People will sometimes kiss a favorite or lucky object.

Like your Lucky bat before a game of baseball.

Some people will kiss the ground you walk on!

You can give a kiss cautiously.

You can kiss with wild abandon!

Politicians kiss babies.

Kisses can be sloppy!

Sometimes, kisses are unwelcome.

For the most part, kissing is a gift usually enjoyed.  Did I forget any important ones?

So today, go give your loved one a kiss.  When you do, think about what that kiss says to that person.

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“Goodnight Love”

My mind and body are looking for solace.  I lie on those crisp white sheets.   My mind drifts to thoughts of you and I smile.

You are never far from my thoughts.  Your whispers of love on the phone are reassuring but little compensation for the touch of your lips.

I look at the stars through the bedroom window.   I try to picture you across the miles.

I close my eyes.  Your face drifts into view.  I smell your skin and feel your fingertips on my cheek.

As sleep carries me away, I feel your lips on my brow and your whispered “goodnight love”.