V – View of the World

little girl

V – View of the world

Towering over her, she looked up into Grandpa’s eyes.  Smiling back at her, he held out a gnarled hand.   She took it.  His hand swallowed hers, making it disappear.

Looking into her sparkling blue eyes, Grandpa was never happier than when he was in her presence.

Her questions were non-stop.  “Grandpa, what’s that dog’s name?  Why is his hair three colors?  My hair is only one color!  If I had a dog, I would name it Ralph.  What would you name your dog Grandpa?”

He took it all in, loving every second and as patiently as he could, he answered her questions.

She let loose of his hand and ran on ahead; her hair flying out behind her.  She plopped down in the grass and picked the first dandelion she could reach.  She blew HARD, scattering the little seeds to the four winds.

Grandpa smiled as he approached.  It as if the sun had lit up that spot just for her.   Her hair shone and danced around her shoulders.  She looked up as Grandpa neared, her teeth were set in a wide grin from ear to ear.

“Grandpa!  Help me!  There are so many to blow!”

Grandpa looked down at her and said “Honey, you don’t have to blow them all!”

She looked around her, wide eyed.  “Oh thank goodness!”

N – Naivete

N – Naivete

Am I naïve?

I wear my heart on my sleeve, apparently.  I believe what someone tells me until they prove that I cannot believe.

I’m not stupid.  If someone told me that there were purple unicorns running down the street, I would love to see that, but no, I would not believe.

I cannot help myself.  I have been this way all my life.

I guess I believe that people are basically good.  I still like to think that there are more good people in this world than there are bad people.

With all the negativity in this world, with all the evil, death and destruction, I still believe in good.

Does this make me naive?  Or just foolish?

I – Innocence

rocket profileHandsome RocketStanding Rocketrocket

The innocence I see when I look at my Best Friend, Rocket, just fills me with joy.  Just think; if we could see the world the way our dogs do, how peaceful the world would be.

Rocket has a joy for life!  He’s just Happy to be alive!  He greets every day with joy and excitement!   He greets me with the same joy no matter how briefly I’ve been away from him.

Rocket has no need for greed; except maybe when it comes to his favorite treat.  He does not wish for wealth.  He is rich as long as he has food to eat, a roof over his head and an owner that gives him lots of love and attention.

Rocket does not look at another dog and envy the fancy car he is riding in or the cool scarf he is wearing that day.  He doesn’t care a bit as long as he’s with me.  Just the pleasure of my company is enough for him.

Rocket does not judge.  He doesn’t care about the color of your skin or what church you go to.  He could care less if my hair looks good or my socks match.  If you wanted to wear a pink tutu to work, it would be just fine with him.  Rocket would be just as happy to get a belly scratch or a treat from you if you had 100 tattoos and piercings or none at all.

Rocket is no slacker.  His job is to keep me company, be a soft spot when I need to snuggle, act adorable at all times and entertain.  He has Never shirked his duties.  He is Always there for me.  He can lend a sympathetic ear or a soft shoulder.  He can be a goof ball and crack me up when I least expect it.

We could all learn a lot from our dogs.  I try to live up to the standards of the person my dog thinks I am!