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Glimmer – #writephoto

Our cheeks were flushed, matching the fire of the sunset.  Our pulses raced with excitement.  This ragtag bunch of forgotten souls; 24 in all, had been walking for what seemed like forever.  But now, there was finally a glimmer of … Continue reading

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These Are My Wishes For You

*This is a quote that my BFF gave to me years ago.  I’ve always treasured it and I keep it on my fridge with a magnet.  Once in a while I will remember to stop and read it.  I did … Continue reading

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Belly of the Beast

It’s subtle, but it’s there.  The chasm opens wide ready to swallow.  If I don’t keep my wits about me, I’ll end up in the belly of the beast.  I feel it. I question the reasons why.  The retribution we … Continue reading

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Heaven Sent

Your beauty; blinding. You shone too bright. I held you only a moment. You never belonged to me. Or the mortals on this blue marble. The stars are your home. You’re made of stardust and dreams. Leave me now. To … Continue reading

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How can I find the answer if  I don’t know what question to ask? Life is more confusing to me now. My naivete perished long ago. I’ve been told that life is a gift, not a puzzle. Whys get in … Continue reading

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