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It’s Always You

I wonder why when I dream, it's always of you

You were the one. The one I said forever to

Years have passed without your smile

I'm resigned to navigate the days and nights in solitude

My heart aches anew each time it realizes that you're gone

I tend to romanticize the past leaving out those rough times, on purpose

The good times were good enough to live on in my memory

Decades later when I dream it's always of you 

It's good to know that you really are the forever one

The one I'll always dream of

Copyright (C) Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved


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“How many times have I picked you up and put you back together?  You’re broken again, aren’t you?  …sigh.  I suppose I will have to mend you again.”

“I hope it doesn’t take as long this time.  The last time was so bad, for a little while, I didn’t think the damage could be repaired.  That was a dark time for us, wasn’t it?”

“Perhaps a cup of tea to start.  It helps to calm one, you know.  Let’s sit by the window where the afternoon sun can warm us and the light is good over here.”

“I know dear, I know.  But the pain won’t last forever.  Tomorrow will be better and the day after that, even better still.”

“Now sip your tea while I thread the needle.  I’ve got some fine new silk thread here.  Isn’t it lovely?  The wounds won’t hardly show.”

“Alright, now hold still and I will make this as painless as possible.”

“There now!  Isn’t that better?  You can face the world again with this new patch!  Why, it blends right in with the other patches!”

“Yes, dear I know it still hurts.  But the pain will be less tomorrow.  I promise.”

“Lets put you right back in here where I can keep you close and keep you warm.  No honey, I won’t let anyone ever do that to you again.  I’ll protect you, my heart.  I promise.”

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

*Lucky day 13 of my 30 day post-a-day challenge.

**I like to have a post or 2 in reserve for those occasions when I’m at a loss for inspiration.   With me being sick recently, inspiration has taken a back seat.  I’ve been hanging on to this one for a while.  This is a bit different.  I hope you enjoy.  Penny

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I’ve threaded the needle.

This fine new silk thread, is lovely on its own.

It will serve me well.

This patch is a big one; smaller than others.

But bigger than most.

I’ve chosen a pretty shade of crimson for this one.

The color I bleed.

Although fresh, it does blend well with the others.

I’m no seamstress, but I’ve become proficient.

I worried for a while, but I know I’ll be alright.

I can face the world with a smile.

This patch will do it’s job.

The heart’s resilient.

I’ll patch it one more time.

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

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Fragile Heart

This is something I wrote a Long time ago.   The person I wrote it for will recognize it immediately.  I think it’s some of my best work.

I have been working to promote my work a little more lately and came across this website called Festival For Poetry on WordPress.   So I submitted my poem.  If you would like to see it, you can find it here: 

I hope you enjoy it!

-Always, PennyLane