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  “How many times have I picked you up and put you back together?  You’re broken again, aren’t you?  …sigh.  I suppose I will have to mend you again.” “I hope it doesn’t take as long this time.  The last … Continue reading

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I’ve threaded the needle. This fine new silk thread, is lovely on its own. It will serve me well. This patch is a big one; smaller than others. But bigger than most. I’ve chosen a pretty shade of crimson for … Continue reading

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If I Let You In…

If I let you in, would you guard the door? If I held you tight, would you hold my heart? If I bared my soul, would you keep it’s secrets? If I held your hand, would you hold mine? If … Continue reading

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Never again. I let you in Like a fool. I forgot the taste Of your poison. I drank it down. My heart in the line Of fire. At this distance I thought, safe. Not so. My heart should Listen to … Continue reading

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Fragile Heart

This is something I wrote a Long time ago.   The person I wrote it for will recognize it immediately.  I think it’s some of my best work. I have been working to promote my work a little more lately … Continue reading

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The Heart Never Forgets

My fingertips forget the stubble of your beard. My lips forget the corners of your mouth. My eyes forget your gaze. I can forget the scent of your skin. The rush of my blood when your hand touches mine…forgotten. But … Continue reading

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I’m here.  Right here. I want to be safe too. Reach out your hand. Ever so gently, I’ll hold it close.

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