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Happy New Year

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”                                            … Continue reading

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Rabbit Killer

I have the Rabbit’s Foot in the picture above, hanging from the visor in my car.  This Rabbit’s Foot has been passed from car to car over the years.  I’ve had the foot for approximately 30 years. I’m not superstitious, … Continue reading

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Importance of Blogging

When I first came to WordPress, I really had no idea or direction for the way I wanted my blog to go.  Well, here it is, years later and I still have no direction.  Hee hee!!  But that’s alright.  I’m comfortable … Continue reading

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What Did she Mean By That?

Once in a while, I will get a question from a friend about why I posted something in particular.  These friends are well meaning.  They want to be sure that I’m ok.  I’m very blessed to have these people in … Continue reading

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Thanks For Reading

On this special day, most people list who and what they are thankful for.  I’m thankful for all those things too.  

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An Open Letter To My Fellow Bloggers

Originally posted on Biff Sock Pow:
Hey!  You know what’s a full time job? Reading other peoples’ blogs. Man!  I try to keep up.  I really do.  The more people I follow, the more things pop up on my “Followed…

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Travel In Oregon and See the U.S!

 I recently received the great honor of doing a Guest Post on https://mohamadkarbi.com/ Mohamad’s blog.  He has a fascinating blog about travel, writing tips and a variety of other subjects. You can see the piece I wrote here: Travel Oregon and … Continue reading

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