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Lapse In Judgement

Not forbidden fruit 
but a mistake all the same

The sweetest of fruit
will surely cause me pain

Are you a lapse in judgement
if my thoughts linger

Are you a bad decision
or a taste for my hunger

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson 

(Slightly revised from a 2017 version)

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Temptation of Mortals

Karl set the groceries on the small table next to the window.   Looking around him, he was still amazed at his luck in finding this place.  He got to work.  It wouldn’t be long before she arrived and he wanted everything to be perfect.

As he busied himself in the cabin, he thought about Rachel.  People wouldn’t understand their relationship.  So they had to be careful.  If they were found out, it would ruin both of them.

Rachel was worth the risk.

It was cold in the cabin and Rachel was chilled easily.  Karl set about lighting a fire in the fireplace to warm the room.  Soon there was a cheery blaze going which added not only warmth but coziness.

The cabin was rustic, but comfortable.  It had all the comforts of home.  Since it was located in this remote area, Karl would not have to worry about either of them running into anyone they knew.

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