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3 2 1 Quote Me-Food

Sweet Miss Beckie over at Beckie’s Mental Mess has tagged me in a fun little game called “3 2 1 Quote Me -Food”.  Thank you Beckie!

Above is my first food quote and below is a second.

I’m supposed to nominate 3 blogs to continue the fun.  My nominations to continue this are:

Sue Vincent at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Blue Bird Of Bitterness

Rory at A Guy Called Bloke

The only rules are to thank the person that nominated you, post 2 food quotes on your blog and nominate 3 blogs to continue the game.  That’s it!!

Of course, you are in no way obligated to participate in this little game.  But if you’d like to join in, we look forward to seeing your quotes!

Have fun!


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Guest in Jest #25 Penny Wilson Writes

Linda over at “Everyone Else Has the Best Titles” has reblogged one of my favorite posts. (be sure to show some love and go visit Linda’s blog!) I had a lot of fun with this and hope it brings a smile to your face. Thank you Linda!  You rock!  🙂

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

Penny is a great writer all around and was recently published!  Her blog is a lot of fun and I hope you’ll visit it at Penny Wilson Writes

Below you will find one of my favorite humorous pieces she’s done.

secret - female.jpg

Tempt Me

You make my pulse race.

Your scent is a delight.

To have you just this once,

Is it a temptation I must fight?

I long for those feelings again,

When you satisfied my only need.

This voice in my head; a warning.

Must I really heed?

The lies will not block out the truth

Can I justify this one cheat?

I could have turned away

We would never have to meet.

No one would ever know,

It would be just between us.

Thank God there’s just one cupcake left

Or my pants would surely bust!

Please join us in our Guest of Jest series

Please submit your guest posts…

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The Real Threat

Since I’ve taken my writing more seriously, I’ve started paying more attention to everything around me.  For instance, the writing on TV shows or movies has some wonderful lines, if you are looking for them.   I also pay more attention to song lyrics now.

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This Bites!

I really really hate going to the grocery store.  The larger the store, in general, the less expensive the groceries are.  But do we have to give up common pleasantries in order to save a buck?  I usually frequent a “Mega” store for my once a week grocery trips.  I’m a thrifty girl.  But I’ve about decided that saving a buck is not always worth the hassle.

Below are some of my pet peeves about the “Mega” stores.

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Cherry Street and Mr. Miller


The best thing about living on Cherry Street was Mr. Miller.   Mr. Miller owned 8 or maybe it was only 6 run down little houses.  The upper row faced Cherry Street and the bottom row faced Beverly Drive.  I can remember us living in 3 different of his houses at one time or another.

Mom waitressed most of the time, raising 4 of us kids.  It was hard on her, I’m sure.  Mr. Miller’s houses weren’t fancy, but they were there when we needed them.  I’m sure my mother and Mr. Miller developed a relationship of sorts after a while, since we had rented from him on numerous occasions.

I don’t remember a lot about how Mr. Miller looked, except that he had gray hair.  He was a kind man with a bright smile.

In the summertime, Mr. Miller would pull into the neighborhood on his motorcycle.  It was a big bike with the saddle bags on the back and all the bells & whistles.  He would spend time giving all the kids in the neighborhood rides on it.  He didn’t give rides in the way you would think.  He would pile as many kids on that bike as he could!  There would be a couple in front of him, on the tank, a couple behind him, maybe one on the handle bars and maybe even one on the front fender!  Then he would slowly putt around the neighborhood with all us little kids squealing with delight!

Now days, of course you would never think about doing such a thing!  The parents would sue!!  But this was in the 1960’s, when the world was much different than it is today.

Mr. Miller made sure that every kid that wanted a ride had a turn.

Mr. Miller must have loved kids.  He would save the toys that were left in his rentals and pass them out to the needy at Christmas time.

Mr. Miller’s houses were furnished.  Even though they were a bit shabby, he tried to decorate or dress them up a little.  When you moved into one of his houses, not only would you find furniture, but you would also find pictures on the walls.

I was in elementary school when we lived on Cherry Street; so some of my memories might be a bit fuzzy.   But I do remember Mr. Miller always being very kind and patient.

One hot summer day, I poked my head inside the open front door of a house that I knew was vacant.  There was Mr. Miller, with sweat pouring down his face.  He had sawhorses set up with a piece of plywood on top for a make-shift work table.  He was slopping paste on the back of a strip of wallpaper.

I think Mr. Miller Loved wallpaper!  Maybe it was cheaper than sheet rock & paint.  Whatever the reason, he used the stuff a lot!

I can remember a bathroom that was wallpapered with pretty ladies in big hats.  Some of the ladies where applying lipstick.  Some of the ladies had big feathers in their hats.  I thought that paper was so pretty and glamorous!

One bedroom that I remember quite well had a ceiling that was wallpapered with a background of dark blue with white stars covering it.  You slept under the stars at night!

Life on Cherry Street was hard for my mom.  She was struggling to raise 4 kids alone.  Back then, you didn’t get Food Stamps, you got commodities.  From the government, we got big blocks of cheese or big cans of peanut butter.  The kind where you had to stir the oil back down into it.

Money was Always tight.  There were times when we would have pancakes for dinner; because that’s all there was.  Mom would try to make light of the situation.  We would have a pancake eating contest!  I could Almost eat as much as my big brothers, but not quite.

Clothing was either church donated, hand-me-downs, or second hand.

In the summertime, to make our shoes last longer, Mom would take scissors and cut the top of the toes off a pair of tennis shoes, so that as our feet grew, the toes could hang out over the front edge.  These became our sandals for the summer.  Somehow, Mom always managed to get us shoes before school started in the fall.

Looking back on this time is bitter-sweet.  I was very young and very innocent.  I never felt that my life was a hardship.  I was happy.  I had friends; I had a family that loved me.  I went to bed at night tucked into my nice warm bed, under the stars!  I didn’t know that I lived any different than anyone else did.

I thank God for Mr. Miller and his houses on Cherry Street.



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Ugh! Diet & Exercise :(


Diet and exercise.  *Shudder*   Just the thought of it makes me cringe!  I HATE to exercise.  And dieting?  Who the hell wants to eat a bunch of stuff they don’t like?  Not me!

Despite all that…..

I’ve started a new diet and exercise program.  It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve lost 8 lbs. so far.   So I’m pretty jazzed.  I want to lose another 12.

The diet really isn’t a diet.  It’s just a change in the way I eat.  For now, I’m having no bread, potatoes, coffee creamer (boo!), fried food, fast food and no processed food.

Eating healthy is a lot more work than not.  I have to actually cook!   Living by myself for the last 5 or 6 years, I cook for myself very little.   It’s a lot easier and quicker to just grab something out of the freezer and nuke it.

But now, I have to plan what I will take in my lunch every day.  I didn’t realize that what was left of my bagged salad had gone bad.  I had planned on having salad with cooked chicken for lunch.  So, instead, I’m having some cooked chicken and carrots.  My afternoon snack will be a Tbsp. of creamy peanut butter.  I also brought along a hard boiled egg in case I get hungry later.

I’ve given up soda and pretty much sugar too.  I am drinking Crystal Light or equivalent and water, lots and lots of water.  I was NEVER a water drinker, but I have found some of the flavored waters on the market that are quite good.

The other night, I had a terrible craving for cereal and milk!  It’s one of my favorite late night snacks.  Lucky Charms of course!  (Don’t judge!)  I didn’t have any milk in the house.  So I finally got up and poured myself ½ cup of cereal and ate it dry.

It was very UNsatisfying!

Exercise.  Oh Lord!  I have never liked to exercise, just for the sake of exercising.  So I started off walking a mile a day.  I am now up to 3 miles a day.  I’ve gotten so that I look forward to it!  The weather here in Texas in the fall is just perfect for walking.  The temps are in the low to mid 70’s right now.  My goal is to reach 5 miles a day.

Now don’t laugh at me!  I bought a Richard Simmons CD to exercise to once the weather turns bad, or if it gets dark before I get my walk in.  I don’t walk alone at night here.  And just for the record I LIKE Richard Simmons!!  So there!   🙂

My new abode needs a LOT of work outside.  The yard is in terrible shape.  I live in the worst looking house in a very nice neighborhood, just because the yard has been so badly neglected.  I spent most of the day on Sunday cleaning up the back yard.  I wish I would have taken a BEFORE picture!

THAT’S the kind of exercise I like.  Where you are doing something you enjoy and you’re getting a workout  at the same time.

The inside of the house is starting to come together now too.  I’ve got some pictures hung up on the walls and more boxes unpacked.

I give myself one day off a week from my new routine.  But I still try not to go crazy, especially with eating.  I can gain 3 lbs. just from a one day food binge!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!


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Ah, My Achin’ Back!

Huge pile of cardboard boxes, forming a wall, ideal for backgrou


Piles and heaps of boxes.  I’m sick of looking at them and I’m tired of the smell of cardboard!

The move went pretty well, but I’ve had a bit of a hitch.  I managed to mess up my back!  So the unpacking has slowed to a crawl.

I really over-did it last weekend, shuffling boxes around, climbing ladders, etc.  You know all that fun stuff when you first get moved into a new place.  I was out of commission for about 3 days because of it.


My kitchen has just the necessities unpacked so far.  I still need to scrub down all the cupboards and line the shelves.  This means climbing a step ladder and crawling around on my hands and knees.  That is NOT in the cards right now.  So I guess I will continue to eat TV dinners.  Ak!!  Those are all starting to taste like cardboard too!

What I am ready for is a good massage and some time in a hot tub!  IF I had a hot tub!

Happy Trails Boy & Girls!

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Biscuit Sandwich


Lunchtime was always a time of trepidation for me.  Where would I sit?  Would that mean girl Ellen be there today?  Could I possibly ignore the stares and snickers?

I walked to the door of the cafeteria with my little brown paper sack.  We could never afford to BUY our lunch.  My shoulders were hunched.  It’s like I was trying to disappear inside my own skin.  I didn’t see Ellen, so I walked in looking for Nancy, my best friend.  There she was at a table by herself in the far corner.

I got in line to get my little carton of milk.  We couldn’t afford to have hot lunches, but mom always made sure we had the 10 cents for milk.  I was behind a big kid.  I was in the 6th grade. I’m guessing this kid was held back a grade or two.  He was as big as a house.

I was pushed from behind by a couple of boys cutting up in line.  It was not meant intentionally, but it pushed me square into the back of the giant ahead of me.  His knees buckled during the push and he almost fell to the floor.

He quickly spun around and barked a loud “HEY!!” at me.  I cringed and muttered an apology.  It was Dan.  Dan was the biggest, ugliest and meanest kid at Ben Franklin Elementary.  Dan gave me a little shove and said “Well, just watch it!”

I was able to get through the line and get my milk with any further incidents.

I hurried to cross the busy room and sat across the table from Nancy.  She was just finishing her little box of milk with a slurping sound as I joined her.  Our lunch times over lapped by only about 15 minutes, so I didn’t get to spend much time with my friend.

“Hi Nancy” I said, quietly.  She said “Hi Penny. What’s wrong?”

“Did you see Dan push me?  I thought he was going to kill me!”

“No I didn’t!” Nancy exclaimed.  “What happened?”

So I recounted the story to her.  I may have embellished just a little bit for drama.

Nancy and I had met the year before.  We were both outcasts.  Nancy’s family wasn’t any better off financially than mine was.  We both wore hand-me-downs.  We were made fun of because of our clothes, or our brown paper bag lunches.  Nancy wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world.  She wasn’t ugly, just plain.  Me, I had a big chip out of one of my front teeth.  This resulted in name calling like, “Snaggle Tooth”.

So Nancy and I were kindred spirits.  We bonded together out of self-defense.  Best friends.

Nancy shook her head.  “When is someone going to cut him down to size?”

“That’s the problem!” I said.  “He’s just too darned big!”

I opened my paper bag and looked inside.  I pulled out something wrapped in wax paper.  Setting the waxed paper bundle on the table, I started unwrapping it.  I recognized what was inside before I even had it completely unwrapped and my heart sank.

There were times when there was no money for bread, so mom would make up a batch of biscuits and that’s what we had our sandwiches made on.  Biscuits.  Today was one of those days.  I looked back inside my lunch bag to see if there was anything else that might be a little more promising.  At the bottom of the bag was an apple.  I sighed.

Nancy looked over at me as I peered between the layers of biscuit.  Peanut butter.  Nancy knew how I felt.  She had been there one day when Ellen had started teasing me over my biscuit sandwich.  Several other kids joined in.  It was a pretty tough day.

I pulled out the apple and tossed the biscuit sandwich back in, looking around quickly to see if anyone had seen my pathetic lunch.  No one had.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

I started eating my apple.  Nancy handed me an oatmeal cookie she hadn’t eaten.  “Here, eat this.  I need to go; I’m going to be late for class.”  “Thanks Nancy.” I said.  And off she went.

I sat there trying to make myself invisible for the rest of my lunch period.