Character Development


“Oh, Geeze!  She’s at it again!” said Tall Dark Man.

“I know!  I thought the last time was the worst!  There’s no telling what she’ll come up with this time!”  cried Small, Frail, Woman.  “I found my husband’s body at the foot of the cellar steps!”

*click, click, click, clickitty click, click, click, clickitty click, click

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Fact or Fiction?

I had a Dear friend express concern over a previous post.  Fear not, my Dear, Sweet friends.  I am Just Fine and my world is just as it should be. 🙂

I’m quite happy with my life.  I wake up each day Ready to start the day and I look forward to what lay ahead.

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Genres, More Than One?

Should I have more than one genre?

I’m working on a story/book that is either a Thriller or Horror story.  I’m not sure on that yet.  But I have Several other story lines in mind.

I have a story that is based on fact, but will be fiction.  Sort of a fictional American history story.   I have just scratched the surface of this one because it has required so much research.

Another story I have in mind is pure fantasy.

I do hope to be published one day.

So back to my question.  Should I have more that one genre?   Would a publisher even consider me if I dabbled in more than one genre?  An agent?