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Don’t Fall in Love With a Writer

Don't fall in love with a writer, 
a dreamer, a poet.  

They'll pour out 
their heart on paper, 

scribbling promises of love, 
riches and nights spent in bliss.  

This idealist, would rather be in 
the imaginary world they've created, 

weaving magical spells 
and capturing imaginations.  

In this world, every moment can be 
the romantic rapture we all seek, 

or the excitement 
of adventures untold.  

They spend their time daydreaming of 
the next chapter, the next verse.  

You see, reality could never measure up 
to the fantasies they create 
for themselves.  

Don't fall in love
with a writer.

Copyright 2023 Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved
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Between the Pages

Within the pages,

the fantasy lives.

Eyes dance as stories

come to life.

Imagined wings navigate

flights of fancy.

Wishes granted,

dragons slain,

kingdoms won,

fortunes gained.

Close the cover and

reality intrudes.


She’ll take flight again,

with the magic

between the pages.

Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

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Thursday Photo Prompt-Glade

I was looking for a little inspiration for writing and came across Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt.  I’ve not participated in any of Sue’s prompts but this one spoke to me.  If you would like to play along too, you can read all about it here:

Thursday photo prompt – Glade – #writephoto

This is my offering for the prompt:

The Glade–

The crisp air tells of summer’s leaving.  But Mother Nature’s greenery ignores the chill. I stroll through the glade, letting my fingers brush the soft fronds.  The sunlight plays hide and seek among the trees, dappling the ground.  The songbirds sing a tune that makes me smile.

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My Drug of Choice


Words spilling out.   My fingers can’t keep up with the thoughts in my head.

The scenes unfold behind my eyes.  The screen disappears.  The keyboard, gone.

I’m immersed in this world, self-created.

In my world, anything can happen and sometime does.

In this imaginary world my fantasies bleed, cry, kill and give life.  They lust, love and hate.

All this is done with a key stroke, at my whim.

This is my drug of choice.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images via Huffington Post