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I’ve threaded the needle. This fine new silk thread, is lovely on its own. It will serve me well. This patch is a big one; smaller than others. But bigger than most. I’ve chosen a pretty shade of crimson for … Continue reading

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Who else could have pulled me to my feet?  Who else would possibly understand my depths of despair?  When all was darkness, you shed a light.  Though I would curse you for daring to bring the sunlight. I stumbled down the … Continue reading

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The True Spirit

Please Enjoy this amazing story from Butterfly Sand.  She shares a lovely story of giving and the True Spirit of the Season. Hello everyone. I wrote this story several years ago as a statement about the Christmas season. It was my … Continue reading

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Fate or Faith?

When I moved to Texas from Oregon, it was a hardest and most frightening decision I ever made in my life.  At 50-something years old, I was starting my life over again from scratch.  All I had that was guaranteed … Continue reading

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Writer’s Prayer

God, give me the grace to write with serenity The things that I should write, Courage to edit the things Which should be changed, And the wisdom to distinguish The worthwhile from the worthless. Writing one line at a time, … Continue reading

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How can I find the answer if  I don’t know what question to ask? Life is more confusing to me now. My naivete perished long ago. I’ve been told that life is a gift, not a puzzle. Whys get in … Continue reading

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Everyday Miracles

The photos in this post were taken by my BFF.  The miniature rose bush shown here is 8 years old.  My BFF has had the same bush for that length of time.  It was originally a soft pink all over. … Continue reading

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