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When Pets Are Sick

I AM one of THOSE people that gush about my pet and bore you with the 200+ pics I have on my phone.  When did this happen to me?  I used to scoff at THOSE people! Rocket has been my … Continue reading

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K9 Interviews 67 – Rock et — A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

REBLOG: Please enjoy this adorable interview of my little Star, Rocket!  Rory is doing a whole series of them.  Be sure to check them out! K9 Interviews 67 – Rocket via K9 Interviews 67 – Rocket — A Guy Called Bloke … Continue reading

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Kitbull — My OBT

I’m not crying, you’re crying. via Kitbull — My OBT

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Rocket’s Name(s)

My dear friend Jessica Bakkers did a very sweet post sometime back about her beloved dogs and all of the sweet nicknames she had for them.  This got me thinking about all of the different nicknames I have for my furkid, Rocket.   … Continue reading

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Rocket at the Keyboard, Again

*Rocket has convinced me to let him do another blog post.  His last one was well received and I think the little guy got a bit of a big head over it. (Don’t tell him that I said that!)  This … Continue reading

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Rocket’s First Blog Post

Before you get too involved in this post, you need to know that me, Rocket, is writing this post.  That’s my picture above.  (I need a nail trim, so you may see a few typos. Pweese forgive me.)  Mom said … Continue reading

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