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Demon’s Descent

  I feel the descent.  I’m teetering on the edge of the abyss.  Falling.  Yet, grasping the rim.  Holding on to the light. I feel as if I’ve been kicked in the chest.  The pain is palatable.  Heavy, so very … Continue reading

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Demons Caged

**We all have our demons; our struggles.   The Demon screams and rattles the bars that confine him.  The blackness and despair he’s cast over me in the past are gone for now.  I check and double-check the locks.  All is … Continue reading

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Kiss Me In The Rain

This one has been rattling around in my brain in bits and pieces.  I feel pretty good about finally getting it posted!  I hope you enjoy!  Kiss me in the rain. Love washing over me. Flames no downpour can extinguish. … Continue reading

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U – Unseen

U – Unseen Head up, shoulders back. The water is a bitter drink, the air, like daggers tear at her heart. She pushes back; those unseen dragons weigh heavily. She has the resolve of the Ancients.  Her battle will forge … Continue reading

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Modern Day Knight

One day in the dark of the forest, down at the bottom of that deep, dark well, he came to me. His arms, strong, but tender, raised me from the depths of that well. The blue of his eyes shone … Continue reading

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